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Sally Norton
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Office…just the word alone can sometimes make you feel a little uneasy. Especially if it is a late Sunday afternoon and you are becoming distinctly aware of Monday morning’s inexorable march towards you and all you hold dear. Still, it does not have to be that way. The office does not have to be a place where the gray wallpaper and drab lighting sucks all the life force out of you. It’s almost like we are conditioned to believe there is a place and time for work and a place and time for fun. As if the two are mutually exclusive. However, there are plenty of ways to introduce a little color into that dreary workspace you resent so much. Here are seven tips for a more inviting office. Believe it or not, it can become your home away from home.

Clean Office Space, Clean Head Space

A cluttered and disorganized workspace can affect you in more ways than you might think. If a messy work desk is the first thing that greets you in the morning, it’s not going to be easy to start the workday with a cheerful demeanor. Furthermore, our brains, impressive as they are, are a tad bit picky. Messes stress them out. You won’t even know it, but they see this disordered heap of papers, files, and notes as tasks to take care of on an unconscious level. With this in mind, make life easier on your mind. Create a small end-of-the-day ritual. Tidy everything up, find a place for everything on your desk, and pop it all back in its spot before you punch out. Minimizing could also work. Only keep what you need; chuck the rest out.


Remember those mind-numbing, numerically infinite shades of grey that seem to exist in the confines of office space and nowhere else? Can you feel that instinctual reaction to almost recoil at the thought? There is no reason it has to be like that. There is a small bundle of exquisite little tips you can employ to brighten up the office, which we have unpacked below, just for you:

  • Lights, camera, action- It’s no surprise lights come first. Proper lighting is imperative, and natural light takes top priority, where possible. Fluorescent lights are the extinguishers of joy. Swap them out for attractive light fixtures, lamps, and lights that can add a little warmth. Lights, laptops, productive work!
  • Who cares about floors- For starters, you should. A bit of creativity can bring some additional vitality into the room. Try using different colors and materials to create a more comfortable atmosphere. For example, floor carpet tiles are a good choice. A mix of rug, tile, and hardwood is usually the winning recipe.
  • Brighten up the space through colors- Accent colors can really help here. Add a splash of color to the walls, throw in some colored chairs, attractive storage boxes, digital image wall coverings; there are no limits. Well, except for budgetary ones. What can I tell you; you are always going to keep a lookout for that stick in the mud. Still, by perusing through a few tips on how to decorate on a budget, this too can be overcome. You can visit Ergo Tune for top quality and aesthetic ergonomic chairs.

What’s the Main Difference Between Work and Home?

Your home is a reflection of you. Where does it say the office can’t be either? Personalize your workspace, bring in those trinkets, gadgets, and bits and bobs that give you joy. When you see a row of uniform desks, there’s nothing there to spark creativity or a sense of belonging. When the desk shows a glimpse of the person sitting there, it suddenly doesn’t feel cold or hostile. Let’s say it together: it feels inviting!

Tips For a More Inviting Office? Become One With Nature!

Now, I am not insinuating you forego your classy three-piece suit in favor of a fig leave and skip work to convene with Mother Nature. However, a plant here and there can help create a sense of warmth. We are predisposed to seek nature; it instills a sense of tranquility. Plants such as tillandsias are perfect for those who will be traveling a lot. They grew up in the desert; they can survive almost anything, including irregular watering. There are plenty of tips out there on how to bring natural elements into your home, most of which are applicable to office spaces too!

Snacks, Treats, and Freebies

I mean, the heading itself makes you wonder where you can sign up for all of this, doesn’t it? At an office job I once had, a long time ago, they would provide fresh fruit every Monday and Wednesday. It was not a huge expense, but it boosted morale. Such a small gesture, but it really left an impression on me. There are plenty of other ideas you can employ. You can even give employees a delightful business gift or two to further help enhance that feeling of belonging and comfort.

Make Conference Rooms Fun Again

You shouldn’t feel any aversion from going in there. By introducing projectors and whiteboards, touch screen monitors, and such, you can make it far more interesting. All of this can get the creative juices flowing. Furthermore, why not consider reorganizing and optimizing the area itself? In case this means having to move, pack or store some heavier pieces of furniture to create the perfect space, could offer some helpful advice on that very subject matter. 

Environmental Consciousness 

Add recycling options. Use eco-friendly cleaning products. Talk to other employees to get valuable ideas from them. People are thinking about the environment more and more these days, and rightfully so. They will value and appreciate working in a space that promotes these values.

Commercial Storage

We talked about decluttering, but sometimes it will take more than a few quaint bookends and brightly colored boxes to achieve this goal. We sometimes need to move bulkier items, things we may need later down the line, or maybe once a relocation to a new office building has been done. Commercial storage can provide a temporary home for those items. Not all commercial space was made equal, and you must find the right solution for yourself. To find space for all the clutter, but one that is also clean and safe, you need to look for a reliable company. 

Now… Let’s Try Again

Office…the word should already have a different connotation to it. Work will always be work, but there is no reason it cannot be creative and warm and exciting even. If you follow the above tips for a more inviting office, chances are, you will soon be commuting to work with a smile on your face.

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