7 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Written by Sally Norton

The bathroom is not just a place where we take care of our hygienic needs. For many, a bathroom is a place of relaxation, self-reflection, and contemplation.

Most of us spend roughly about an hour a day in the bathroom. It is essential to feel good about our surroundings as it can affect our mood. This is why making your bathroom a more aesthetically pleasing place is a genuinely good idea. Not only is it going to look better, but it’s also going to feel better. In this article, we will help you make your bathroom a more luxurious and pleasant environment. Let’s explore the 7 ways to make your bathroom look more expensive.

Important things to know before redecorating your bathroom

Before you do anything with your bathroom, you have to remember the most important thing – purpose. What this means is that, while you may have a brilliant idea aesthetics-wise, it’s essential to make sure it doesn’t interfere with functionality. This may refer to just about anything, from the type of tiles you choose to the lighting. Remember that a bathroom is still supposed to be a bathroom. We want to make it look fancier but lose none of its functionality and comfort. The three main categories for bathroom improvement are:

● Walls, ceiling, and flooring choices

● Accessories and bathroom furniture

● Lighting and miscellaneous

Deciding on the style

Before getting to all the small things, we first need to get into the basics. What kind of a look are we trying to achieve. Are we going for minimalism or royalty? It’s essential to try and keep in harmony with the rest of your home. There are many ways to improve your home interior, but it’s generally a good idea to be able to connect every room. Walking through a home should feel seamless. Going from one room to another should not feel like you’ve just entered a different planet. Deciding on the style that you’re going for will drastically change what the viable ways of making your bathroom look more expensive are.

1.   Choose bright flooring

Bright white tiles can manifest a very luxurious vibe. We want as much of that as possible to achieve maximum effect. However, marble can be quite expensive. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the investment could be too demanding. There are alternative options to this, however. With modern materials that replicate marble’s look and feel, finances are no longer such a detrimental problem. Use “faux” marble to make your bathroom gain a porcelain-like aesthetic. With this simple change, you can make your bathroom feel like it belongs at a royal palace!

2.    Wallpaper

While wallpaper may not scream “luxury” at first glance, this is a common misconception. The standard wallpaper has long been surpassed. In fact, with wallpapers that have a more “3-D” feel to them, it’s possible to create a potent effect. This will require some know-how when it comes to color coordination, however. 

If you choose your color and design wisely, you may be surprised at just how expensive the room can seem. This is true for your bathroom and may also come in handy if you want to create a luxurious feel to your home throughout. A good choice of wallpaper sometimes makes up for a bad choice in lighting. This is especially important for smaller bathrooms with limited space for lighting accessories.

3.   Ceiling design

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it is important. Ceiling design is the cherry on top when it comes to the basics. There are numerous options to explore when we talk about ceiling designs. One idea that never goes out of fashion is to get an elaborate plaster design. This type of solution creates a truly luxurious feeling reminiscent of palaces and renaissance buildings. With such a powerful effect and when paired with a good lighting option, you’re sure to make your bathroom look more expensive. The good thing about this solution is that it’s often inexpensive, and there are alternatives. Just as with “faux” marble, plaster-like alternatives are applied to the ceiling with glue. It doesn’t look different than plaster, but it has saved you a few bucks. Definitely a win-win situation!

4.   Bathroom furniture

This is a big one. However, this is also where the rule about functionality comes into play more than before. While some bathroom units may look irresistible, you need to ensure they can accommodate your needs. When choosing bathroom furniture, keep in mind that it needs to blend in with your basics. A luxurious-looking unit that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the atmosphere will only make your bathroom look cheaper. In fact, it may give off that feeling that you’ve just picked something up at a yard sale for some spare change. If you’re going for a more vintage look, pick pieces with elaborate designs and gold or silver details. If you went for a more modern, minimalist look, that’s fine. However, you must remember there is a fine line between minimalism and blandness.

5.   Bathtub or walk-in shower?

The first and most logical response would be a bathtub. However, this is not always the best choice, and here’s why. Some bathrooms are just too small to accommodate an expensive-looking bathtub. Again, if you’re going for a modern, Scandinavian-type look, a bathtub may seem superficial. Scandinavians are masters of luxurious minimalism. In most of their homes, a walk-in shower with a clear barrier is the go-to. With darker shades of tiling and a glass barrier on your walk-in shower, you achieve the perfect balance between functionality and luxury.

On the other hand, if you went for a more vintage, royal-type look, a bathtub is almost a must. 

Choosing the right design and details is crucial. It’s very important that the design of your furniture, plaster ceiling (if you went for that option), and your faucets are complementary. Simply going for elaborate is not the right way to go about it. In truth, having three different types of elaborate design may look like a rummage-sale pick. Keep your designs complementary and faucets as close to identical as possible.

One caveat is regarding moving. At some point, you may need to move to a new residence. Moving a bathtub is a challenge if you try to handle this by yourself. There is a significant risk of damage to your property, so getting in touch with professional movers like miamimoversforless.com would make this process easier. It’s essential to keep these things in mind as well, especially if you’re planning to move in the next few years.

Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

6.   Accessorize

One of the cheapest ways to make your bathroom look more expensive is to pay attention to the details. A few simple things can make your bathroom go from average to amazing. Having elements like towel hangers and doorknobs suit the color of your faucets can make a huge impact. Small and inconspicuous plaster trinkets, like figurines or candles, can create a very luxurious atmosphere. Another good tip is to hang out a few clean towels. If you keep a bin, make sure it blends in perfectly. The same goes for the toilet brush and the toilet itself. Make sure it complements the other elements, like the sink and the bathtub.

Mirrors are a big one. These can be difficult to pick, but we again have to remember to keep the balance between pretty and useful. This is especially important when, at some point, you may need to move out and prepare them for transport. With elaborate frames, packing mirrors for relocation can be a challenge, and the risk of damage is increased.

7.   Light it up

We already mentioned candles. This is a great way to create a mood. However, even with your choice of lighting, you need to match it to the rest of what you’re trying to convey. Candles are great, but the amount and type will differ if you’re going for a minimalist or elaborate look. A couple of simple candles will do the job for minimalist luxury, while a royal environment can get away with more. As for the main light in the bathroom, a minimalist interior will benefit most from LED ceiling lights. A better choice would be to have many smaller LED lights, which give off a salon vibe. For vintage solutions, even a chandelier is not out of the question if the bathroom is large enough! However, going for wall-fixed lights and lamps will be ideal. Again, make sure you keep the color scheme consistent with our faucets, handles, knobs, etc.

7 ways to make your bathroom look more expensive – concluded

With these tips, you will soon have a much more pleasant experience in your bathroom. This will no longer be a place you go to purely out of necessity. It may become your small oasis of peace and calmness. Hopefully, some of these 7 ways to make your bathroom look more expensive will come in handy during your next redecorating phase. Good luck, and keep those colors coordinated!

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