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Discounts are only available for bulk orders or five or more posts on a single order.

  • Order 2–5 posts. The cost per post is 5% off.
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  • Order 10–15 posts. The cost per post is 15% off.
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All work is invoiced and paid through PayPal or Payoneer. Payment must be made within ten days of publishing, or the post or embedded link will be removed.

Here are the top categories to write for us:

We write about a variety of topics, including entertainment and show business, health and wellness, sports and fitness, family and parenting, lifestyle, culture, fashion and beauty, travel, home and garden, interior design and decorating, automobiles, real estate, business, pets and pet care, the internet, and technology.

Checklist To Follow Before Submitting Your Post

If you want to write for us, here are some guidelines.

  • When it comes to our website, we only want high-quality, unique content that is relevant and helpful to our visitors.
  • A piece’s length should be between 800 and 2500 words.
  • The text should be unique, well-written, and free of artificial intelligence (AI) and plagiarism.
  • You cannot employ affiliate links; instead, establish acceptable internal and external relationships.
  • Place important photos beneath your text’s headings. Make sure you get permission and thank everyone who assisted you.
  • Short paragraphs and words should be provided. Google like lines that are short.
  • Meta titles and descriptions should be distinctive, engaging, memorable, and SEO-friendly.
  • Make your writing easier to read by using lists, bullet points, and short paragraphs.
  • We may change your information to make it more readable.
  • Check your post twice before sending it, because it cannot be altered after it has been posted.

Articles We Do Not Approve

Duplicate Content: copied from the internet and social sites.

Articles having word counts of less than 500.

  1. Adult
  2. Dating
  3. Gambling, Sports betting and Casino
  4. Hacking, warez, cheat codes, unlicensed software
  5. Occult, Witchcraft & Magic
  6. Religion
  7. Sale of fakes
  8. Smoking, cigarettes, tobacco, etc.
  9. Cannabis, cannabis products, CBD, marijuana, and other similar drugs
  10. Drugs, alcohol and drug addiction, alcohol and drugs rehabilitation, alcohol and drugs treatments etc.,
  11. Weapons, arms, armament, terrorism
  12. Fraudulent activities
  13. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency
  14. Forex trading
  15. Medical websites without valid licenses provided.
  16. Debt/loan management

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How many words should you write for us?

An average guest post should be between 800 and 1900 words length.

How many links may I include in my guest post?

A guest post can include up to two do-follow links. You can include significant internal and high-authority website links in an article if necessary.

How long is the TAT?

“TAT” refers for “turnaround time” while contributing to a blog. It will take two to three days to approve and publish. Just because you submit a guest post does not guarantee it will be published. Our editors will review your entry to ensure that it respects our guidelines. If your topic does not interest our readers, we will provide you with a full refund.

How long does it take Google to find a post?

Google crawls and organizes posts on its own, but this is not stated explicitly. We submit all new posts to Google’s search engine so that they can be indexed.

Does the guest post link remain in place?

Yes, you can leave a permanent link to your guest post on our website for at least a year.

Policy for cancellations/link updates

You can remove articles or links for free within three days of posting them. You can withdraw the article or links after three days, but you will not receive your money back

Regarding link updates, if the new URL is a redirect to the same site or blog, the first adjustment is free as a courtesy. However, any additional updates to the same article will result in a 50% editing cost. If the new URL redirects to a different relevant website, each edit will be charged at the usual guest post cost.

Terms Of Use

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