How to Connect Your Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

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We are all very well aware that we live in the age of hyper-productivity. Everyday life is reaching insanely high levels of stress, which has become associated with success.

Many individuals believe that you can’t become successful if your stress levels are not going through the roof. Luckily, more and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to reduce stress and care for your mental health. Of course, that does not mean you have to be lazy. On the contrary, the key to being even more productive is to create a healthy life balance. The best way to do so is to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. So, in this article, we will give you the best tips and tricks you can apply to create healthy and inspiring surroundings.

Bring the outside inside by lightening up your surroundings

You can bring the outside inside by surrounding yourself with light. Having much-needed sunlight in your home will make it a more pleasant place to be in. Humans crave natural sunlight not just because it makes us feel good but also for its numerous health benefits. Light increases your energy – thus making you more productive. It also gives you the precious vitamin D our skins crave. Of course, the best way to absorb these valuable things nature gives us is to be in nature itself. But if you mostly spend your time indoors and have an office job, there are still ways to enjoy the benefits that light can give you.

Whether your office is in a company or in your own home, it would be great to move your working desk next to a big window. Position it so that light doesn’t get in the way of your monitor. And according to feng-shui, it would be ideal if you could put a plant halfway between the window and your desk. On the other hand, if your work or living space doesn’t get much natural light, don’t worry; we have a solution for that as well. There are many indoor and outdoor lighting ideas you can choose from. Beautiful decorative lamps can brighten up both your place and your mood. And you will be able to show your creativity and decoration skills.

Surround yourself with greenery to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces

Since most jobs nowadays are indoors, many people spend less and less time in nature. People who work from home usually spend even less time outdoors than people who work in an office. The latter ones can at least walk to their offices if there is an opportunity, but people with a home office have everything within reach. So, the best idea here is to bring nature inside the house. Having plants in your home office will bring some life in. Some experts say that even looking at greenery can help boost your mood. Why not try it? There are many gorgeous plants you can decorate your office space with, and you might find helpful this list of the plants that love being indoors:

  • Peace lily
  • Snake plant
  • Cast-iron plant
  • Air plants
  • Philodendron

All of these plants are very low-maintenance and resilient. That’s they are perfect for indoor conditions. They will be perfect for you if you are one of those people who tend to forget about the watering schedule. You only need to water them once in a while, and they don’t require too much natural sunlight. Nevertheless, they will still provide a beautiful and calming atmosphere that will reduce your stress levels and help you relax.

Bring the inside outside by creating an outdoor room in your backyard

You’ve seen ideas on how to bring outside inside. But why not do the opposite as well? If you live in a house and have a backyard, there are plenty of ways how you can use it to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. This doesn’t need a complete renovation, so don’t worry about spending too much money. Decorate and furnish your outdoor space like you would your indoor one. That way, it would feel like a continuation of the interior.

Of course, get the furniture designed for the outdoors since it can withstand the changing weather. Also, experts from advise that you rent a storage unit so you can keep this outdoor furniture safe during the winter months.

Have an outdoor kitchen, office, or lounge to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces

Many people want to create a kind of oasis out of their backyards so they can have friends over. There is usually seating with a coffee table where they can place the drinks and other refreshments. But you can step it up a notch by adding some functional elements such as a bar or an outdoor kitchen. It would be wonderful to host barbecues there, and people will enjoy coming over. When there are no parties, the space would be perfect to work from. If you have a job that only requires a laptop, nothing stops you from having an outdoor office.

There are other creative ways you can use your backyard. Why not create an outdoor gym if you love exercising? It would be pretty pleasant training in the fresh air during the spring and summer months. And if you are not a big fan of exercise, you can create a lounge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to read a book in a hammock, gently rocked by the wind while drinking a refreshing iced tea under the shade of a tree instead of sitting inside? There are many more ideas you can choose from. You can design it any way you wish. Have fun transforming your space into your piece of paradise.

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