5 Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Home

Written by Sally Norton

Sunny days are back in town, so it’s the perfect moment to freshen up our homes.

Spring is all about new beginnings, fresh colors, and smells. A bit of home refreshing will make your living space more comfortable and put you in a better mood. Thus, you should look at our selection of the best ways to welcome spring into your home and make some valuable changes to your living space.

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Spring cleaning

The most obvious way to refresh your home for spring is undoubtedly cleaning. Spring cleaning is the best way to give your home a lift, but you should know this is a process that consists of two parts. Firstly, you should declutter your home and remove all the unnecessary items that have piled up over winter. Clutter appears in all areas of your home, so make sure you give yourself enough time to do it. Remove all the expired foods and cosmetic products, recycle old paper and magazines and give away all the items you no longer use. Now, it’s time for the second part – making your home sparkly clean. Tackle parts of your home that didn’t get enough attention during winter:

  • Clean windows inside and out and let the sunshine in; 
  • Move bigger pieces of furniture so you can clean the floors under them;
  • Go through your pantry, your fridge, and freezer, and do a detailed session of decluttering and cleaning up;
  • Put away your winter clothes and switch them up with some light spring pieces.

This detailed cleaning session is a way to refresh your living space and make space for some new items that will welcome spring into your home. If you’d like to know more about window and gutter cleaning be sure to check out Bax Clean.

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Gardening is a symbol of spring. Even if you don’t have a garden where you can celebrate spring with some fresh tulips, you can add new plants to your home. Put some fresh flowers into a vase on your dining table, or go shopping for new houseplants that will add a touch of nature to your home. Plants are not only decorative; they also provide cleaner air and can calm you down after coming home from a stressful day at work. Bonus tip: If your home doesn’t provide the right conditions for house plants, or you simply don’t have time to take care of them, there’s another way to add nature to your home. Hang prints with a botanical theme and give your kitchen, hallway, or bedroom a fresh new look. Greenery will still be there, but you won’t have to water it!

Go lighter

Our homes should indeed feel comfortable, cozy, and warm during winter. This often includes darker décor items and pillows//blankets made of thicker materials. Spring is the time to go lighter on such pieces and make the rooms breathe. Go for pillowcases made of linen or cotton in some spring colors such as yellow, mint, or lavender. Switch the wool blanket on your sofa with a light throw in pastel colors. This is where a neutral base comes in handy. If your walls, floors, and bigger items are in neutral colors, you can easily change the theme of the room by switching a couple of décor pieces.

Remember: you don’t need to say goodbye to all the winter items and/or furniture pieces if you don’t have as much space in your home. Renting warehouse storage in Maryland is the perfect solution for your items. They can spend time in a secure area until the next time you need them without taking too much space in your home.

Do a DIY project

Take a look around your home. Is there an item that could use a fresh coat of paint? Updating some of your furniture pieces or other items can help welcome the wonderful spring season into your home. Paint a chair, coffee table, or a couple of picture frames in white, yellow, lavender, etc. Refreshing an item this way will genuinely give a whole new look to your home, and you’ll also brush up on your DIY skills.

Go outside

 After spending the whole winter inside, it’s time to spend some time outdoors. Depending on if you live in an apartment or a house, spring can be a great time to take care of your patio or balcony. With a couple of simple moves, you can make a beautiful outdoor space where you can gather with your friends. Also, if you’re working from home, creating an outdoor home office is a fantastic idea. Here’s what you can do to touch up your balcony or patio:

  • Clean everything in detail – dust probably piled up during winter, so scrub everything well before doing anything else;
  • Add some outdoor seating – you can shop for some patio furniture but also make furniture from wood palettes and a couple of pillows. For an extra special touch, add a hanging chair or a hammock. Make the space as comfortable as possible.
  • Hang fairy lights for an extra romantic and cozy atmosphere
  • Add flowers and put some pots with herbs, giving the area a fresh smell. Place them on the window sill or add a shelf dedicated to pots and décor.
  • Place a decorative basket on the floor and put a blanket or two in it – this can come in handy on chilly spring evenings when you want to finish a book with a cup of tea.

Welcome spring into your home with these tips!

It is essential to welcome spring into your home. By doing that, you let a positive mood in, so you can increase productivity and make everyone feel a lot better. Enjoy the sun and bring it into your home!

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