10 Benefits of Using Protein Powder

Written by Peter Minkoff

Protein powders are among the most popular nutritional supplements at the moment, and for a great reason. Apart from allowing you to increase your daily protein intake and meet your desired goals, there are plenty of studies to support the overall health benefits of consuming protein powder as well. To that end, here are just some of the advantages you might enjoy when using protein powder:

Weight management

If your goal is to lose or maintain weight, protein shakes can be a brilliant solution. By making you feel full for longer compared with most foods, healthy shakes made with protein powder could also encourage you to snack less and eat smaller meal portions. As a result, you will be able to control your weight more easily, if necessary.

Muscle growth

Protein is truly necessary for muscle growth. Whether you wish to tone up, increase muscle mass, gain strength, or even improve your bodybuilding efforts, using a protein powder is the only way to achieve your goals. This supplement can significantly increase strength and muscle size and enhance your exercise routine.

Preserving muscle mass

Similarly, if you’ve already made efforts to build muscle mass and now wish to maintain your physique, protein powders and shakes can be of great help in this area as well, helping to control your protein intake more easily. Research even shows that a loss of skeletal muscle in aging adults caused by inadequate protein intake might be slowed down and minimized with appropriate protein supplements.

Aid in recovery

Along with building and preserving muscle mass, protein could also help to repair damaged tissues and muscles. In turn, any athlete or physically active individual can use protein powder in an effort to reduce muscle damage and accelerate the recovery from soreness after working out, possibly even improving muscle performance.

Additional nutrients

The recommended daily intake of protein can range from 0.8g to 2g per kg of body weight, depending on the individual’s activity level. While these figures might seem attainable at first, they could be quite challenging for many adults to meet through diet alone. However, choosing the best protein powder for your personal needs can help you overcome this issue. A high-quality supplement will allow you to reach your daily protein goal, while providing you with additional beneficial nutrients as well.

Amped up workouts

Whether you’ve just started working out or you wish to amp up your exercise routine, your protein requirements will likely increase, thus making your intake goal even more difficult to meet. Thankfully, there are many smart ways to add protein into your diet, from sweet protein bars to delicious protein shakes. All of these healthy snacks will allow you to effortlessly increase your daily intake while feeling like a treat instead of an obligation.

Increased metabolism

As protein gives your muscles the strength they need to grow and repair, your body will be more likely to burn fat during exercise. Combining consistent workouts with adequate protein in your diet will increase your lean muscle mass, which requires more calories as fuel, and helps to boost your metabolism in the long run.

Managing blood sugar

When we consume carbohydrates like pasta and bread, our body’s natural response is to release higher amounts of insulin, in turn raising our blood sugar levels. However, studies have concluded that consuming a protein supplement might aid in regulating blood sugar levels, which might be particularly beneficial for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.

Better heart health

High blood pressure and cholesterol are considered to be major risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, studies show that taking a whey protein supplement regularly might help to reduce bad cholesterol levels, as well as systolic and diastolic blood pressure, thus easily leading to improved heart health.

Overall convenience

After all, a protein powder is simply the most convenient solution. Instead of making elaborate meals with plenty of meat and other animal products, we can simply mix a protein powder into water or another drink in order to meet our daily protein goals. What’s more, it’s simple to make at work, at home, or on the go.

Evidently, protein powder has a number of benefits for our overall health. Whether you wish to control your weight, improve your workouts, or simply maintain optimal health, including more protein into your daily diet is always a great choice.

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