Moving your business during a global pandemic

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Almost every industry in the world is feeling the consequences of the latest global pandemic. This infamous coronavirus is forcing considerable changes upon us. And one way or another, no one is left indifferent. Many small to medium companies are fighting hard to remain operational, while a majority of employees are finding themselves at home. As for business owners, many are starting to look for new locations. However, moving your business during a global pandemic is now more complex than ever and far from easy. Besides regular planning, you now need to consider various restrictions and safety measures.

How to prepare for moving your business during a global pandemic

With all the commercial changes going on, all types of businesses are trying to keep things going. Now, not everyone is necessarily starting to look for downsizing opportunities, but those who are, are facing plenty of challenges. On the other hand, we have companies that want to expand their working space to comply with distancing regulations. Given these points, they all need to consider finding new properties and moving everything with the least amount of consequences. Hiring professional assistance to help you complete the relocation is now more necessary than ever. But, there are other aspects to think about when planning to move your business during a global pandemic.

To make it easier, at least to some extent, here are several things to consider when moving your business today:

  • Plan your strategy with employees in mind
  • Follow the health regulations
  • Minimize your employees’ involvement
  • Hire professional commercial movers
  • Reevaluate remote work possibilities

Plan your strategy with employees in mind

Planning is an essential part of every business relocation. However, with the ongoing pandemic, there are additional details you have to consider. Lately, the focus has been shifted more toward employees. Without them, hardly any business can exist. And since the situation is so delicate, keeping your valuable employees has become more challenging than ever. Showing them how much valuable they are can be through sending them door-to-door gifts that are useful for remote working set up like a virtual swag bag. Many companies, when it is possible, are starting to invest more resources in remote work. Mostly because the pandemic is putting serious restrains on talent mobility.

You can move your business to another location, but your employees may have a harder time accepting relocation. And this is becoming a slippery ground for many companies while trying to keep their critical talents. To deal with this, you need to consider different relocation strategies and packages for your employees. Thorough preparation will help reduce stress amongst employees and motivate them to be more open to additional options.

Follow the health regulations

Also, more than ever, it’s necessary to stick to health and safety regulations. You need to implement additional procedures to keep your employees safe, not only while relocating but also while working. Some basic precautions include:

  • paying attention to sanitation and hygiene
  • keeping the distance between staff members
  • wearing masks and gloves
  • and many more

When preparing to relocate your business, each member must be familiar with all the precautions and measures. This also includes personnel from moving companies that handle packing and transportation of your commercial inventory.

Minimize your employees’ involvement

The best way to stay on track and complete this robust process is to minimize your employees’ involvement. While before, your staff members could provide significant support to the entire relocation process, now it’s the other way around. You should let professional movers handle the complete relocation so that you don’t place any of your workers at risk. Of course, you will have to assign someone to supervise and organize the relocation. Or someone to label and mark the office equipment and inventory, for example. But, not more people than it’s absolutely necessary.

Hire professional commercial movers

Fortunately, the majority of moving companies are deemed essential businesses. In most cases, they have their own strict regulations to follow while helping others move their offices, publicly displayed on their websites. However, you can make sure it goes without problems by thoroughly preparing in advance and then letting professionals do the rest of the work. Usually, they can offer you full service, including virtual estimates, packing arrangements, and scheduling, among others, so you can avoid any unnecessary contact in the process.

Reevaluate remote work possibilities

While the majority of businesses are organized around a traditional office system, consider some alternatives. Home offices and remote working are becoming more than a simple trend. Especially in these times when social distancing is paramount. If you are running a business that doesn’t require a physical presence, it might be a good time to change a few things. Before you start relocating your business during a global pandemic, consider if it’s possible to transform many positions into home offices. Besides being a desired model of work lately, it also brings many benefits:

  • there is no time-wasting on commuting and transportation
  • employees are more productive
  • it can be cost-effective for business operations
  • you can expand your pool of potential candidates
  • you can reduce the costs of hiring new employees
  • it’s possible to get cheaper property
  • and so on

Also, you can complete most of the paperwork online. Your business meetings, and other consulting, can be more efficient in a virtual environment. In general, you may not find all the options viable for your business. But even half of them are worth considering to minimize downtime and improve your business operations in the long run.

Overall, this might not be a perfect time to relocate your business. But, if you have to, nothing stops you from planning and preparing for moving your business during a global pandemic. Considering that many companies are struggling to remain on the market, there is always an alternative. And if you need to change the location for better marketing opportunities, these are worth considering. Just remember to plan thoroughly, because this situation might change in the future.

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