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Hello Awesome followers. It has been a while since we last spoke to you and that’s because our lives have become even crazier. 

New Books to read by some fantastic Authors and although we are aware of many Authors names, some we have not had a chance to read yet. I bet you can all relate because every blogger or avid reader has a to be read (TBR) shelf that could keep us all going for next twenty years, LOL!

Isa- Yes, mine is becoming bigger instead of smaller. I read one and add another two, LOL!!

Jo- Yeah, and you are always saying, ‘OMG!! Jo you need to read this book and usually it is a trilogy or series, like I have the time, hehe!!

Isa- Pfft, really? I am positive it is you that says them exact words to me on a daily basis.

Jo- Okay, maybe we should say 50/50. Let’s not have a domestic on our column peaches.

Isa- I seriously worry about us, we sound more and more like a couple everyday, HAHA!!

Jo- LMAO, Love is love.

Although me and Isa like a lot of the same Genres, we don’t necessarily read the same books. I read a lot more paranormal than Isa. Shifters are my weakness and M/M shifters, God, what can I say, they make for a fabulous read. Variety is the spice of life, as they say and Isa likes a lot of spice, Romantic Erotica, M/M Erotica, BDSM Erotica, see the pattern people. Our Isa may seem like the quiet, shy type but she sure does love her SPICE!!

In this month’s column we decided to invite bloggers to sign up and have their blog shared on our column. It’s not only Authors we support but our fellow bloggers. We know how hard these people work behind the scenes, no matter how big the blog, all blogs/pages work constantly to bring you up to date information and keep you coming back for more.

A lot of Authors are very appreciative of the support from bloggers and express this by stopping by their blog pages to thank them for the share or taking part in a new release, tour, etc. We also understand this isn’t always possible when deadlines for the next book are approaching but many have help from either a PA, a fellow blogger or maybe a few members of a street team to drop by. Either way showing appreciation to a blogger goes a long way and is not taken lightly, it’s has immense value, proving to the blogger they have worth in what they are doing.

The following blogs have signed up and welcome you over to their pages. Authors and readers check out what Genre they promote, is this the blog for you? If so why not start following their pages. Place a like and show some love. You know we are big at spreading the love, so join us, make someone smile today.



Promotes all Genres

Love Has No Gender

Promotes any LGBT Book

Alison S. Parkins Book Reviews

Promotes all Genres

Facebook page:
Facebook Group:


Promotes all Genres

Book Club Gone Wrong

We are open to sharing all Genre, however Romance is what we promote most.

Bookshelf Dreaming

Promotes Contemporary, Erotic Romance, M/M Romance, Dark Romance, Paranormal, Historical, Suspense

Your Next Hot Read

Promotes all Genres

Embrace Your Inner Bookwhore

Promotes all Genres

Beyond Books

Promotes all Genres

Read Review Repeat

Promotes Romance

Book Lovers Hangout

Contemporary, New Adult, Paranormal

Facebook Page:

Blissfully Bookerized

Promotes Romance, thrillers, suspense,  Chick lit, MM, FF, Menage, YA, NA …. anything really.

Facebook page

Witchy Richey’s Booktastic Reviews

Promotes Romance

Here is what I read

Promotes all Genres

Facebook page:

Ladies Living in Bookland

Promotes all Genres and all Authors

Our blog website for reviews:


Blog email: for general enquiries or through FB Private Message

Cat’s Guilty Pleasure

Promotes all Genres

Blogging for the love of authors and their books

Promotes all Genres (No childrens books)

Amazeballs Book Addicts

Promotes all Genres of Fiction

Mama’s Dirty Little Reads

Promotes Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Erotica, MM Romance, Paranormal Romance, Mystery/Suspense & Crime/Drama

Lina’s Reviews: A Book Blog

Promotes Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Dark Romance

2 Girls Who Love Books

Promotes all Genres

Valley Girl Gone Country

Promotes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary romance, historical romance, chick lit, erotica, Young adult, New Adult

Clare’s Mad About Books

Promotes all Genres

D&T’s love of books and hot men

Promotes all Genres

Verna Loves Books

Promotes all Genres

Cody Pimps Authors

Promotes all Genres

Relentless book chic’s ramblings and reviews

Promotes Erotic, romance, contemp, YA, NA, Dark

All About YA

Promotes YA & NA

Sisterhood Of The Travelling Book Blog

Promotes all Genres

Marebare’s Book Shelf

Promotes all Genres

Love Infinity Book Blog

Promotes all Genres

The Voluptuous Book Diva

Promotes Erotica,  Romance,  Suspense,  Thriller

YA Book Divas

Promotes all Young Adult

Sexy Sirens Book Blog

Easier to say what we don’t promote, non-fiction, children, Christian books. Our emphasis is erotic romance, all romance, PNR, we are pretty open otherwise.  

Yeya’s Ramblings

Promotes New adult, erotic, paranormal romance, new adult contemporary, adult, dark erotic, paranormal romance

Jackie’s Book Reviews

Promotes mostly M/M plus M/F

Archaeolibrarian – I Dig Good Books!

Promotes all Genres

Love Infinity Book Blog

Promotes all Genres

Book-Lover Book Blog

Promotes all Genres

A Brit & A Yank

Promotes Romance

Facebook page

A Book Lover’s Emporium Book Blog

Promotes Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, Historical

Susan’s Books I Like

Promotes all Genres

Spreading The Word

Promotes all Genres


WOW!! Thank you bloggers ,for sharing your details with us. We hope this month’s column helps Authors and bloggers to connect as well as finding some new readers/ fans for your pages.

Until the next time remember. Enter the world of make believe and READ!!


We love promoting all our favourite Authors, organising Blog Tours, Release Blitzes, Cover Reveals and more.


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