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Freedom of speech

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Dear Divine. I thought this would be a good place to get a few things off my chest and I hope that you do indeed publish on behalf of one of your fans. I think people’s views may vary on what I have to say and that’s okay but this is my story so let me begin.

LGBT community now this title to me separates everyone in that category from the rest of the world. I believe that we are all the same, we have a heart that beats, most of us have all our senses and are able to walk etc… So why divide us up? It’s like black and white, yes we have different colour skin but are we not all human beings? chinese, american, english does it matter?

I will tell you why this frustrates me so much. There are people in this world that are racist or hobophobic, it’s a fact. Trying to change people’s views is hard work and I suppose as long as they don’t express there hatred then it is there choice to dislike other people’s choices or colour, religion. But what about those who have no problem with any of the above, even support Gay rights and make one slight error of speech shall we say and that’s it all the good that was done thrown out the window, why? why must we jump on the bad points all the time. Someone says ‘oh he’s black’ it’s a comment not a racial hate crime against anyone who has that coloured skin. Someone else says ‘oh yeah he is so gay’ what all of a sudden that person is hobophobic? It drives me up the God damn wall.

What about the white, hetrosexual person? Should they report a crime if someone say’s ‘oh there’s a white dude’. Let’s get a grip people. I believe unless it is actually said to that person in a hateful way then what is the problem in speaking out about such things? STOP dividing us up, STOP looking for more problems, STOP and think about what your doing.

Community. Can we not all be just that? The more of us that stand together the better it is. We will have a louder voice, we can stand up to those awful bullies that live ignorant lives most of the time. Save your energy for the real fight, not the little off handed comments that don’t really mean no harm. People are being beating up still to this day for the choices they have made, let’s help them. Focus on the bigger picture for Gods sake.

I personally will always stand for my beliefs and they are BE WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE. You aren’t hurting me. I am living my life, can you say the same?

So right or wrong this is my views. If you publish, I want to thank you, Divine. I will always support you.

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