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What is blogging?

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For those of you that don’t know us, we are hardcore bloggers LOL!! We are partners on Joandisalovebooks Blog, now at 12K plus likes. This is an achievement we have be able to make through serious hard work.

We literally breathe, eat, and sleep while blogging. It’s no easy task if you want to succeed.

Jo- I even FaceTime while on the toilet, well just to Isa haha!!

Isa- Yes, you have no shame muppet.

Jo- Whatever, Donkey, I’m a busy woman.

There is nothing wrong in having dreams and we both dream that one day we will be the biggest and the best.

Many of our fans tell us we are a fabulous blog and are very original. We are sincere when we say ‘Thank you’ for that.

Isa- Have you ever seen a promotional post using toilet roll? No, well my crazy but wonderful partner has some exciting ideas which we then bring to life. Believe me many times I have had to say ‘No, Jo we can not do that’ while LMAO!

Jo- True, true but we have the best times thinking of new ideas for our fans. The tears we have shed. We will definitely share some very crazy moments with you all over the next few months.


Blogging has become HUGE! the easy part is opening up a page and calling yourself a blogger, the hard part is actually keeping up with the demands that is asked of you. We never like to turn any Author away as we believe everyone deserves a chance of exposure. Imagine how many emails and  personal messages we receive on a daily basis.

Our promotional posts offer various exposure for Authors, we have changed the rules on many of our posts to random selection rather than likes to give all Authors the opportunity of exposure.

Pop over and check out our page

We are always happy to hear from new authors and readers.

We promote all Genres and of course it goes without saying we fully support the LGBT community.

Isa- Jo got yet another tattoo to prove her love for LGBT. My skin has yet to be branded by ink.

Jo- Yes I do and Isa, I dare you to get a tattoo and not a henna one.

Isa- Ha! my henna tattoo looked very real and cool.


What is blogging?

You may know of many blogs being used in different ways.

A blog is commonly know as a journal or diary on the internet but a blogger is a person who keeps a blog and shares news.

We have a book blog and are bloggers sharing all book related posts.

Originally blogs were primarily known for updating day-to-day activities, things that happen in your life but now people use these blogs as a way of sharing information and current affairs such as book releases.

We update our blog everyday, all our posts are book related. This could be a sale or free books, books that will be released soon. Many bloggers sign up for book tours like ourselves, bringing you the latest news on what’s available.

Some say that book bloggers are aspiring to become Authors. Not true at all. Some may already have that talent and choose to do both.

Having a blog gives us a voice. We have the opportunity to give our fans what they so desperately want, essentially more great reads.

We not only bring you the latest book releases but have giveaways on our blog. It’s our way of rewarding our fans.

All blogs will post in different ways but ultimately we have the same goal, keeping our readers entertained and build up a reputation that will be successful.

We believe the most important thing while blogging is to have fun.

Yes we commit to posting and will always endeavour to be successful in not letting anyone down, but no blogger could keep up the day-to-day running of a blog being miserable.

Communication plays a huge part in being a blogger. Not only with people that require your services but with your audience.

Our door is always open for all our followers, Authors and fans of our page.

We listen to what they would love to see from us and try to deliver.

Being creative with your posts has a great impact, thus becoming an essential and trademark signature of our blog. 

Becoming a blogger is the best decision we have ever made. Not every blogger out there might feel this way but for us, it has become part of our lives.

Believe us when we say bloggers work hard, any support you show a blogger is appreciated.

Enter the world of make believe & read.

Jo & Isa

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  • I love this blog! They are kind and polite and always have time for authors. I can never tell them how much I appreciate the hard work they put in to creating something so incredible. <3 Love it. <3

  • What an awesome article for a spectacular blogging team! Love how you shared some of your brain-storming ideas!!! LOL!!

    Love you Ladies hard!


  • Great post, you muppets! Lol 😉

    Seriously, though these two are amazing ladies and I’m so honoured to call them my friends. I wish them both all the success in their endeavours.

  • What an amazing post
    I absolutely love you both you are two beautiful ladies always there to help and support anyone
    You both do such grat work and I’m so honored to with with you both and especially to call you both my friend
    Best of luck to you you guys
    Love you ❤️❤️

    • Thank you so much for your support Val. You are amazing. You know how hard us bloggers work. I’ve told you before but I’m telling you again. Authors would be lost without your help. ❤️

  • Congrats you girls, you are truly Awesome and always willing to help ( your pages are Amazing)!!!
    You work bloody hard to give us readers and Authors as much spotlight as you can and your Contests are fantastic, Well I say fantastic some are rather outrageous but they do make me laugh and believe it or not I enter too, ( and I will Never forget that toilet roll contest.. What the hell Was I doing entering…. that was too funny???
    I’m glad your are using Random Picking on your contests too ( well as much as you can) as I’m always fighting for the smaller Street Teams and those with No Street Team to be able to have a chance at entering these contests, anyway congrats and good luck, you deserve so much love and recognition you girls are AMAZING….YOU ROCK. xxxx

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Your support means the world to us. Without our readers and Authors none of this would be possible. We hope that all bloggers receive the recognition they so deserve.

      PS!! Toilet roll, HA!! maybe time for another roll, LOL!

    • Thank you so much, is comments like this that make us go the distance and keep doing what we love and that is blogging. Your unwavering support means the world to us. Thank you ❤️❤️

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