Fifty Shades of Dave

What’s this all about, we hear you say? Well, it something that’s relevant, often overlooked and necessary. This is about ensuring men with mental health issues get the support they need. 

Writer and producer David Lee who lives in Cheshire describes the series as a ‘rollercoaster of self-discovery’ and says the series holds up a mirror to mental health issues, especially for the men in our local communities.

‘We all have a responsibility to listen to anyone in our communities that may need help. Male mental health especially falls under the radar for many reasons and this series aims to raise awareness of this issue and to destroy that stigma’

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Set over just one week, the story follows protagonists Rosie (Claudia Grier) and Neil (Curtis Ledsham) hosts of the popular local Radio show ‘The Greenhouse’.

 All’s well it seems until the show receives a tweet one evening from a man who needs their help. A man who says he isn’t coping. A man named ‘Dave’.

Things go from bad to worse for this once celebrated duo as they decide to help ‘Dave’ live on air with disastrous consequences.

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Ashley TylerTrue to their desire to use local talent in this production, Kingston Upon Thames resident and Kingston University Drama and Film graduate Ashley Tyler is one of the stars in the pilot podcast sad-com ‘Fifty Shades of Dave’

Fifty Shades Of Dave’ has been made possible due to funding from local initiatives in the Wirral, predominantly ‘Involve Northwest’s’ ‘ConnectUs’ and ‘Sparkfund’ projects and Wirral’s first suicide prevention center, The Martin Gallier Project, Wirral.

If you’ve been affected by mental health issues and you’d like to share your story, please find us on Facebook and Twitter @fsodofficial and post with the hashtag #wearealldave

‘Fifty Shades of Dave’ will be available to stream and download from September 16th, 2019 on all major podcast providers and YouTube.

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Divine wishes Dave and his team all the best in their endeavors to bring this very real and emotional issue to the forefront of people’s minds.

Fifty Shades of Dave

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