2016 U.S. Election is Time for LGBTQ Community to Take a Stand! By Tom Ufert

Tom Ufert
Tom Ufert 8 Min Read

As many of Divine Magazine readers know I set out in June of 2015 as the 2016’s U.S. Presidential election ONLY openly gay & physically challenged write-in Independent candidate.

I embarked on that endeavor to offer American voters a viable alternative to what many see as an election choice of a “vote for the lesser of two evils.”  That choice was and is between the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton & the Republican nominee Donald Trump.  My #NOTU2016 campaign was also the ONLY one that promised to refuse office if elected in order to force a constitutional crisis that would result in a new election.  In essence, voters had the opportunity to vote “None Of The Above” without feeling that their vote was wasted or just not voting at all in protest.


Six weeks ago I suspended the #NOTU2016 Campaign and announced my support for Hillary Clinton.  To say the least, this was a very difficult decision for me to make.  However, it is abundantly clear to me that any personal considerations or loyalties to a specific special interest pale in comparison to the needs of my nation.  Likewise, national leaders MUST put country before party!  A Donald Trump presidency bodes dire consequences for America and the world.  Therefore, it is morally imperative for all Americans to come to the aid of their country, vote and vote against #TrumpPence2016!  Never in American history has there been such a demagogue.

Wikipedia aptly describes why Donald Trump is the text book definition of a demagogue.



One only has to review Trump’s rhetoric, casual disregard for the facts and his reckless policy proposals that are totally devoid of any concrete details to see that his fits perfectly this dangerous definition of a demagogue.


As for the American LGBTQ community, Trump’s Vice Presidential pick clearly demonstrates where his future administration will stand regarding gay rights.  While Indiana Governor Mike Pence is certainly to be commended for his Reaganite tax & economic policies to boost the state’s business growth, his social agenda is without question anti-gay.  His support of legislation

against transgendered persons’ rights to equal public bathroom access definitely displays a right wing evangelical disregard for constitutionally protected liberties.  Furthermore, his admiration of Dick Cheney as the type of Vice-President he aspires to be is scary, to say the least.

Despite Trump’s public declaration that transgendered persons were free to use the bathrooms of their choice in any of his hotel properties, the pick of Pence as his running mate was a blatant slap in the face of all gay people.  Many political experts have rightly argued that this move was designed purely to shore up his support among hesitant Republican conservatives.  Furthermore, Trump’s obvious lack of political experience & dangerous ignorance of world affairs sorely needed someone of Pence’s government resume.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election is first and foremost a clear declaration to the world of what America stands for.  Electing #TrumpPence2016 would send a resounding signal that Americans prefer to sacrifice freedom for a false sense of security.  Their presidential campaign stands for bigotry, xenophobia and scapegoating to ease some voter’s fears.  After the LGBTQ community’s historical victories for marriage equality and the Supreme Court’s judicial blockage of discriminatory legislation targeting transgendered persons, we would be betraying our principles to simply sit on the sidelines of the 2016 election.  It is our moral imperative and democratic obligation to do everything within our civic power to defeat this usurpation of the will of the people!

Donald Trump has overtaken the Party of Lincoln.  Yes, he has received more primary votes than any other Republican in the Party’s history.  However, when you combine the primary votes received by his 16 GOP competitors Trump’s victory as the Republican nominee DOES NOT represent the majority of party members.  In fact, he has acquired only about 40% of participating Republican primary voters.  Furthermore, considering the numerous attempts to foil his nomination, the significant number of experienced Republican foreign policy/national security professionals declaring him “the most dangerous presidential nominee in American history” it is blatantly clear he has not unified the Party.  Finally, public opinion polls and demographic surveys demonstrate that a significant majority of Trump supporters are white men without a college education.  He is in the single digits of support from every minority group as well as clearly failing to garner even a winnable percentage of support from America’s 51% of registered female voters.  How in the hell does that represent America?


Over the last several months it has become abundantly clear that America is experiencing a serious crisis of confidence regarding race relations and homeland security.  It seems that there is a weekly incident of officer-involved shootings of black males, an incessant rise of gang-related shootings in Chicago or some new terrorist inspired domestic attack on American’s way of life.  This has caused a wave of domestic uneasiness that only fuels Donald Trump’s campaign of fear mongering.  His responses are loaded with increased scapegoating and xenophobic rhetoric that pander to American’s fears.  Voter’s fears are justified and must not be ignored.  However, Trump’s outright lies (which he calls “honest hyperbole” from The Art of the Deal) and fact-less campaign proposals mirror the fascist propaganda of Hitler & Mussolini.

Now it is a given that “I’m preaching to the choir” for all of Divine’s readership.  However, this election will be won by the campaign that Gets Out The Vote (GOTV).  Therefore, the LGBTQ community MUST rally all of their resources to get voters who support Hillary Clinton out to the polls.  Considering the projected high volume of loyal support Trump has mustered, voting early would be best.  Volunteering at local campaign HQs for phone banking, door-to-door solicitation, rallies, daily staff assistance w/mailings-chauffeuring voters to the polls-computer data input, etc…ARE ALL ESSENTIAL SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS.

Complacency, apathy and over confidence will lead to a Trump victory.   

If there is 1 major lesson I’ve learned in over 30+ years and 11 campaigns of political activism it is this…



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Tom Ufert “is an inspirational voice in our troubled times. who serves as a political contributor for Divine Magazine” He received his bachelor of arts in political science and history as a scholarship recipient from Centenary College of Louisiana. Tom is a former Rotary International graduate Fellow who attended Australian National University in Canberra, ACT, specializing in East Asian political affairs and was a White House Fellow nominee. He is a former Lyndon Baines Johnson Congressional Intern and constituency aid for two former United States members of Congress. His past services for 11 political campaigns on both sides of the aisle were highly valued by former Louisiana Governor Charles “Buddy” Roemer, Henson Moore the former assistant chief of staff to U.S. Vice President George H.W. Bush, and the recently retired U.S. Trade Ambassador, Ron Kirk. At age 23 he was the youngest artistic Board Chairman in the United States as head of the Shreveport Summer Music Festival. Mr. Ufert has served as a member of two other 501(c) three charity boards including his beloved fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia as well as the community advisory board for his former rehabilitation hospital. Over the years he has acquired extensive customer service experience in the food and beverage, hotel, insurance, home security, and pharmaceutical industries. His professional memberships include Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Tau Delta, as well as both the Worldwide Who’s Who and Strathmore’s Who’s Who. In recent years he has worked tirelessly as a volunteer fundraiser for numerous AIDS charities in his community and served briefly as the community affairs liaison for Legacy Founders Cottage. Tom Ufert, a native of Louisiana, now resides in Texas. He is an Amazon Best Selling Author for his second book On The Roll Again, his first book, Adversity Builds Character received high acclaim with numerous 5 Star reviews, as has his newest release Political Craps. In fact all three books and several of his essay booklets have garnered distinction as Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers. Perhaps Mr. Ufert’s greatest claim to fame is that every book he sells contributes directly to charity through his charitable book entity Stand Strong For Others. Interested listeners can hear the distinguished author’s monthly broadcast, Tom’s Take, about politics and current events via the Apri Broadcasting Network (http://www.apribroadcasting.org/tom-ufert-live.html)