5 Warm-Ceiling Design Ideas for your Interior

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Typically we refer to the plain, flat surface of our room or office as a ceiling. But wait, there is much more than this! Nowadays, ceilings are available in numerous patterns to match the theme and novelty of the room. Equally important as wood-crafting and other décor processes, the ceiling can add a unique charm to your room’s appearance. Depending on the theme and design layout of the house, you can install separate ceilings for the dining, kitchen, washroom and living rooms.

Just like other accessories, the ceiling concept is the center of attention among architects and builders. Therefore, a lot of research is being done on the ceiling in the context of patterns, size, colors and textures. This article will help to give you a deeper glance at the types and make you choose your desired ceiling more conveniently without any hassle. A perfect ceiling is dependent on certain factors: available space, the theme of the house and the surrounding walls.

by Bagnato Architects
by Bagnato Architects

As we discussed above, the market is flooded with trending ceilings- you can either do online research or take assistance from some professional. We will discuss some of the modern ceiling designs that can add allure to your home.

Conventional Ceiling

Sometimes referred to as a smooth ceiling, the conventional ceiling is one of the most used designs. The reason behind this is that it is simple, easy to make and flat just like a wall. Thus, it is cheap. However, you can add texture to it to add flavor to it!

by Cairn Construction Inc
by Cairn Construction Inc

Crown Moulding

This ceiling consists of about one or two inches of wood covering the boundaries of a conventional ceiling. In an easier tone, you can say it is covered with wood pieces at the edges. Depending on the room type and size, several layers of wood pieces can be piled on top of each other to make it look vibrant.

by Artistic Designs
by Artistic Designs

Cathedral Ceiling and Vaulted Ceiling

In this type of ceiling, the center point is higher than the surrounding walls. The ceiling rise from the walls at a slope to meet at the center of the room. As a result, it increases the overall volume of the room by raising the height, giving the feel of a larger, luxurious room. Cathedral ceiling is mostly installed in master bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining.

by GTM Architects
by GTM Architects

Tray Ceiling

The tray ceiling is the luxurious part of a home. It starts parallel to the roof at a certain height from the edges and then takes turns in an upward direction. It resembles a tray as the roof is flat at the center and emerges outwards at the edges. Darker shades on the tray ceiling give a dramatic as well as soothing effect, which is best for gathering places like entryways and dining rooms.

by Mark English Architects
by Mark English Architects

Cove Ceiling

A cove ceiling is another excellent choice for your room’s renovation. This is designed to give an improved visual appearance to the intersecting part of the wall and ceiling. It usually consists of a concave curve between the ceiling and the top of the wall. In addition to this, it is commonly painted shiny white to give a mirror illusion. These are usually found in long corridors and hallways. Since its construction is difficult and requires expert hands, cove ceiling is less often used. 

by Elytronic
by Elytronic 

Beam Ceiling

Is a low budget a hindrance in renovating your room? No problem! A Beam ceiling is the solution to your problem. Beam ceilings comprise of a substance, mostly wood, added on top of the conventional ceiling. Along with adding a vivid appearance and additional color patterns, it also contributes to strengthening the roof.

by V.I. Photography & Design
by V.I. Photography & Design

With the ceiling decoration, you can add a breathtaking difference to your room.  A vast variety is available in varying patterns, themes, and styles. One could easily choose a suitable ceiling style according to their needs and budget.  So what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest store or order online to get your hands on one of the eye-catchy designs!

Modern ceiling designs


Cathedral ceiling


The tray ceiling


Beam ceiling


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