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Politics Today – The “Trump-Effect” and what it says About American Politics in 2016 by Tom Ufert

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Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to become the undisputed frontrunner for the Republican presidential nominee says a lot about the chaotic state of American politics today.

In fact, many can rightfully claim that his success is a direct result of the nation’s political elite’s failure to lead. Whether it be critics of President Barak Obama’s failure to engage his political opponents as equal partners in governing or the Republican controlled Congress’ obstinate policy of obstructionism to all things Obama, it is abundantly clear the American electorate is rabidly dissatisfied with their entire string of elected representatives.


This is clearly demonstrated by the overwhelming popularity of “anti-establishment” campaigns in both the Democratic & Republican primary races.  Vermont “Independent” Senator Bernie Sanders running as a Democrat and billionaire self-proclaimed “savior” of the Republican Party Donald Trump both have challenged the conventional status quos that have left their party faithful in a state of revolt.  Without a doubt the 2016 political cycle will be studied for decades as a potentially “change election” that favors the “outsiders.”  Furthermore, the increasing numbers of polled citizens who declare themselves as “unaffiliated” Independents, especially among the rising “millennial” generation, points to a clear rejection of the traditional two-party dominated system that has resulted in decades of gridlock & dysfunction.

However, this public furor doesn’t adequately explain how a caustic public celebrity figure like Donald Trump has been so adeptly able to rock the American political system to its very core.  Like “barbarians at the gate,” Trump and his frothy mouthed core of supporters have successfully shredded the political campaigning playbook.  This electoral rebellion has shell shocked every corner of the nation’s political establishment into an almost catatonic state that borders simultaneously between disbelief and absolute terror.  In truth, the political class has no one to blame but themselves!

While it is perfectly clear that both Sanders & Trump have tapped into this mass public distrust, animosity towards all things political and disgust with partisan intransigence, their characteristically diabolically opposed approaches cut to the heart of America’s internal struggle over the debate on national character.  In an age of uncertainty about the future, economic transition and generational conflict regarding the sweeping changes in social diversity numerous simmering contradictions are boiling to the surface.


The intrinsic danger is that America’s severe polarization and catastrophic divisions potentially pave the way for a scapegoating demagogue like Donald Trump to slither into the White House.  This will be a sad day in America!

The terrible truth is that average everyday hard working Americans, in their gripping fear of uncertain change, are beguiled by a silver tongued “snake oil salesman” like “the Donald” who tells them everything they want to hear rather than what they need to hear.  Preying on their fears of illegal immigrants, head chopping terrorists, destabilizing economic globalization and an entrenched political class that is rightfully characterized as “out of touch” with their real problems Trump has become the Pied Piper of 2016.  The real horror is that normally discerning voters are guzzling Trump’s exaggerated half-truths and vitriolic hogwash like gullible binge drinking freshmen at a fraternity keg party.


This self-appointed champion of the common man is a charlatan.  Despite endless accusations ranging from defrauder, liar, political insider, double talker, flip-flopper and opportunist his core supporters refuse to even question his honesty or remote credibility for the most powerful job on Earth.  So disgusted with the status quo, Americans across every demographic category are willing to fall on their own swords in his defense.  They would rather sacrifice their very patriotic souls on the Svengali-like alter of Trump.  In fact these blinded loyal devotees are more than willing to betray every notion of American democratic principles for the sake of anyone who “talks tough!”

Trumps-reason-for-GOPSince the already partisan rigged electoral system bows to the steamrolling effects of any candidate who can play both sides against the middle, the “Trump Train” is barreling through the American countryside like a serial suicide bomber hooked on crack cocaine.  The Republican Party seems completely powerless to stop this creature of their own creation.  Like Dr. Frankenstein they are totally stunned by the turn of events that has turned their own supporters against them.  This comes from the misguided arrogance that the leadership, as paternal protectors, could take their core constituencies for granted.  This is a state of affairs plaguing both the Democratic & Republican Parties.  It is not surprising that a talented media mogul like Donald Trump is utilizing his celebrity “reality TV” status as the perfect galvanizing force to turn the Establishment on its head.

What most Americans are forgetting is that “reality TV” isn’t REAL…neither are their characters!  It’s usually carefully scripted and has a pre-meditated outcome.  Donald Trump knows this all too well!


Nonetheless, it is a historically sad day in America when both of the Democratic & Republican frontrunners, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump are under investigation for deceit & fraud respectively.  Indications are that each will be judicially scrutinized (Clinton by the FBI & DOJ for her private email server and Trump by 2 California courts as well as the New York state Attorney General for the alleged Trump University fraud) right in the middle of this summer’s political party conventions.  Has American standards of character and leadership really sunk to such a low level of having to really choosing between these lesser of two evils?

By failing to build bridges of compromise or accommodation in the name of national unity but rather succumbing to partisan polarizing ideological dogma, America’s political elite class has alienated its own citizens and betrayed the public trust.  Consequently, the “Teflon Don” has handily fended off every justified attack upon his character, lack of experience or basic political knowledge and his failure to support his scheme of “Making America Great Again” with a single iota of credible fact or policy detail.  Every xenophobic, racist, insulting and fear mongering utterance has been granted credibility simply because he’s rich, went to a credible school, wrote a successful selling book and “tells it like it is.”

God help us all if we casually disregard his open rejection of a free press, contempt for national & international standards of morality regarding torture or conduct of war and even worse his open twisting of U.S. Constitutional safeguards such as religious liberty, privacy, rule of law and any number of the Bill of Rights for the sake of his quest to gain power.


Donald Trump wrote The Art of the Deal and his deal for America is one for the Lemon Law.


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