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NOTU2016 Campaign Update by Tom Ufert

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All things considered, the NOTU2016 Campaign for U.S. President is going well.  Independent write-in candidate Tom Ufert has consistently held two Google Town Halls per month since announcing on Memorial Day, 2015.

Over time the audience number of attendees has grown to an average of 3,000 per event.  In addition the campaign’s website at has continued to grow its visitors.  The campaign’s free download of its platform policy proposals at has exceeded 5000 downloads.  The campaign releases a weekly press release that started out receiving only a few hundred clicks but now regularly exceeds 1500 clicks or views.

Candidate Ufert’s weekly radio program Tom’s Take regularly reaches over a million people through the Alternative Public Radio International (APRI) Broadcasting Network’s 5 platforms across the United States and over a dozen other countries.  Mr. Ufert’s monthly column, Politics Today in Divine Magazine reaches over 36,000 subscribers and regularly receives several hundred thousand views or downloads of the popular internationally acclaimed publication.  Candidate Ufert is definitely reaching people.

It is not surprising that the “historic” NOTU2016 Campaign hasn’t garnered the attention of typical mass media since its candidate and proposals are far from conventional.  However, Tom Ufert’s daily Twitter acct ( or TOMU) is increasing its followers on a daily basis.  Furthermore, the campaign’s Facebook page ( has increased its following by over 4000% in the last month alone.  In addition the campaign’s YouTube channel ( and Mr. Ufert’s personal YouTube channel ( have posted over 2 dozen captivating campaign videos that continue to spread NOTU2016’s message.

Now that the dust is beginning to clear as the Democratic & Republican Party’s frontrunners are poised to capture their respective nominations, NOTU2016’s viability as an alternative to the “lesser of two evils” holds great promise of receiving more attention.  Even if this campaign fails to achieve its ultimate goal, i.e. forcing a new election, it has the promise of being the seed for a new movement in American politics that potentially will re-shape the electoral landscape for 2020.

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