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Five Creative Advertising Methods to Get More Foot Traffic

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If you have a business or office on the high street, you might want to increase brand awareness in your neighborhood by creative advertising methods your competitors haven’t yet discovered yet. Being present in local business directories has its advantages, but your listing might get lost among other companies’ offers. To stand out, try these creative advertising methods to get more people through your door this year.

  1. Local Radio Advertising

You might think that radio advertising is dead, but it is still one of the most effective ways of reaching out to local customers. You will be able to get their attention, and they are less likely to switch to another channel than those watching TV. How many times did you turn the radio off while driving just because the ads came up? If you haven’t, your audience will not, either. Get in touch with local radio stations to inquire about their packages.

  1. Stop Signs

You can get some banners and stop signs created by a marketing company that will encourage people to drop in and look around. Create an offer that is irresistible or offer bonuses for new customers. Chances are some of the people going past your shop are too busy rushing around, so they will not see your signs.

  1. Digital Displays

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If you would like to take display advertising to the next level, you can get digital display advertising installed outside or inside your offices. Digital signage can help you showcase your offers and services, and connect with people passing by. You can show off your portfolio, completed projects, or even the list of your previous customers to gain the trust of people visiting the area. Taking out equipment finance for a digital display might be one of the best financial investments you ever made.

  1. Coupons in Local Stores and Restaurants

If you want people to visit your store or office, you will need to give them a strong reason. Talk to local restaurants and stores, and display your offers or coupons on the counter. This way, you will be noticed by people, and even if they are not taking advantage of the offer right now, they will be aware that you exist.

  1. Voucher Sites

No matter which industry you are in, you can register an offer on popular sites, such as Groupon. People looking for services often check out discount and voucher sites to take advantage of local offers. While the approval process on most sites take a few weeks, due to the checks to be carried out, advertising on one of these pages can give you a lot of new customers and a great return on investment.

Whether you have a real estate agency or a computer shop on the high street, using creative advertising methods can pay off. Use one of the above marketing channels, and you can really stand out from the rest, build your brand, and get more customers through the door fast. Stop doing the same thing and try something new this year.

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