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Top 10 Grooming Tips for Men

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We interact with a lot of people every day, at work, school, streets, and so on. Whether you are in a business meeting, job interview, or a blind date, a good first impression matters.

However, it’s not all about the look. Aside from being a handsome, well-kept person, it’s also important to have some good habits. Here, we will be talking about grooming tips for men.

1. Trim Off Ear and Nose Hairs

This is a very basic thing every man should take care of. Most men are inclined to neglect and fail to address this issue, though. Ear and nose hairs are something that comes with age, and they usually start to appear when men reach their thirties. So make sure to trim off those disagreeable hairs. That will make a huge difference to your appearance.

2. Groom Your Beard

While it could be cool to have a beard, keep in mind that your beard can also be frizzy or smelly for other people. That’s why you need to keep it looking tidy and clean.

It’s a good idea to trim your beard if it’s too long, as long facial hairs tend to jut all over the place. Then wash it with a conditioner and shampoo that will make it smell great. Groom it with a bristle brush, narrow tooth comb, or wide tooth comb. At last, apply a beard oil to hydrate and shape your beard.

3. Cut Your Nails

Do you have a nail clipper? Yes, of course. Then use it regularly! Having long nails is considered to be a women’s job. If you don’t want to be ashamed of yourself, practice a biweekly manicure to keep your fingernails short and clean. As for the toenails, your best bet is to clip them immediately after showering when they’re still soft and flexible.

4. Trim the Eyebrows

While you can trim your eyebrows on your own, it’s recommended that you get them professionally shaped and cleaned in order to “open up” your eyes and make your face feel alert. You are also advised to brush your eyebrows up prior to leaving them for the day. That will help you look more awake the next day.

5. Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Perhaps your teeth aren’t perfectly white and straight. Nevertheless, you should always keep them perfectly clean. It’s pretty unappealing to smile and talk to somebody who has food or debris stuck between his/her teeth.

Same goes for the teeth plaque. So consider brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Additionally, use an appropriate whitening toothpaste with a mild abrasive to whiten your smile.

6. Wear Nice Shoes

It’s possible to judge people’s personality by their shoes. Your shoes can say a lot about you. That said, make sure to keep them leather moisturized and clean.

If you’ll be wearing new shoes, chances are good that they will make nasty blisters on your feet. You can avoid this by using a roll-on deodorant. Apply it to the heel area to lessen friction while walking and keep your feet blister-free.

7. Wear Well-Tailored Clothes

The clothes you are going to wear have to fit your body. Regardless of your body shape, well-tailored suits can make you look much better. It must be both comfortable and sleek at the same time.

8. Find Your Signature Fragrance

When it comes to scent, remember that less is more. While it’s okay to smell good that doesn’t mean everyone should smell it. Fragrance should be a subtle component of overall presence rather than too obvious or loud.

Instead of owning 10 bottles of average quality, consider buying one classic scent that will work best for you. Herby, spicy, and woody scents are ideal for the winter months, whereas citrusy, lighter scents are more suitable for summer and spring.

9. Try to Stand Tall

A proper posture is highly important, too. When standing up straight, you’re creating a sense of self-confidence and fulfillment, showing other people that you’re a proud and proud person.

10. Workout Regularly

Whether you are working out at home or in a gym, make sure to be consistent with your workout routine. By exercising on a regular basis, you won’t only improve your health but also stay in shape and look good. Combined with the right diet, regular workouts can make you more vigorous.

By applying these 10 grooming tips, you will look and feel much better. They can help you be in a good mood all the while. Besides, you will increase your confidence and leave a good impression on people around you. If you already practice the above-mentioned things, just carry on. That’s the spirit!

Guest Post by Isaac Atia

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