Revamp Your Pool: Service Upgrades for Efficiency and Luxury

A commercial swimming pool isn’t just a recreational amenity—it's a powerful statement. It can attract tenants, members, and guests, setting your property apart. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of commercial swimming pools and how they can enhance the appeal of your gym or apartment complex. Let's dive in and discover the impact of these aquatic features on your commercial property's success.

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For many commercial entities, a swimming pool isn’t just an amenity to lure tenants and members to your gym or apartment complex; it’s a statement.

A neat, well-maintained, beautiful pool reflects the leadership’s commitment to quality, luxury, and the well-being of its patrons. While in prior years, the statement, “We have a pool,” might have been enough of a draw, that is no longer the case. To truly provide an exceptional user experience, it’s vital that municipalities, hotels, gyms, and other commercial pool owners transform their pools with an eye toward efficiency and luxury.

In this article, we’ll discuss potential pool upgrades and enhancements that can help turn your pool from a “beloved community spot” to a “haven for relaxation and indulgence.”

Pool Upgrades for Energy Efficiency

Nearly everyone is concerned about energy efficiency these days. Going green can not only save you money on energy bills, but it can be a great attraction for more eco-conscious patrons, which includes a huge percentage of millennials in the prime of their buying power.

Pool upgrades that make you more efficient reduce your operational costs while appealing to a demographic that appreciates environmental responsibility. Here are some of the best upgrades with that in mind:

  • Variable-speed pumps: These pumps can be adjusted according to a pool’s needs, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional fixed-speed pumps. These pumps are quieter, more efficient, and can help you save money in the long run.
  • Solar heating systems: Just like when you add them to your roof, solar heating can cut down on traditional energy use and costs for a pool. Solar heaters can extend the swimming season, helping you offer warm water even in cooler months—while not spending tons of cash on a heating bill. (Note, if you’re in a place with cloudy winters, like the Pacific Northwest, this might not be as desirable.)
  • LED lighting: When it comes to traditional lighting versus LED lighting, it’s no contest: LEDs are more efficient and more effective than traditional light bulbs. It’s the same with pool lighting. Replacing older light bulbs with modern LEDs can help you save money on power—and add some color variation to change up the atmosphere of your pool.

Pool Upgrades for Luxury and Design

Efficiency and energy savings are well and good, but designing for luxury can attract many other potential patrons. Here are some of the best upgrades for commercial pools from an aesthetic sense:

  • Infinite edges: Infinity pools create the visual effect of water extending to the horizon, which offers a touch of elegance and a stunning backdrop for photos. These are most effective when on higher floors or exposed balconies. If you have an establishment with scenic views and a pool on a non-ground floor, consider exploring whether you can transform it into an infinity pool.
  • Mosaic tiles and liners: Significantly more accessible than infinity edges but no less appealing, high-quality mosaic tiles or designer pool liners can change the entire look and feel of your pool, indoor or outdoor. You can offer a unique aesthetic that truly sets your establishment apart from competitors.
  • Landscaping and lounge areas: Well-designed landscaping, especially in combination with comfortable and stylish lounge areas, can enhance the poolside experience. Perhaps you can entice visitors to sunbathe by the pool—without ever going in—by providing a beautiful poolside exterior.

Pool Upgrades for Sanitation

Recent technological advancements haven’t just been in the form of greater energy efficiency. Pools with the latest technologies are easier and less disruptive to clean. This means less downtime for patrons and less time and work for staff, making these upgrades can be a great investment:

  • Robotic pool cleaners: These automated cleaners can efficiently remove debris and dirt from the pool’s floor and walls, ensuring consistent cleanliness and hygiene without constant human supervision or regular draining.
  • UV (Ultraviolet) pool sanitation: Traditionally, commercial and public pools have relied on chemicals like chlorine to kill bacteria and other pathogens. However, these have drawbacks, such as the unmistakable pool smell or irritating swimmers’ eyes. UV sanitation systems can destroy germs in an unobtrusive fashion, helping you reduce your reliance on chlorine and other chemicals. This results in cleaner, more pleasant water to swim in, without the harsh chemical environment.

Pool Upgrades for Accessibility

Ensuring that your pool is accessible to everyone, including differently abled individuals, is a critical element of customer service. Accessibility features can help ensure that your pool can be enjoyed by patrons of all stripes.

  • Pool lifts and ramps: Pool lifts provide an easy and safe way for individuals to enter and exit the pool.
  • Zeroentry pools: Also called “beach entry” pools, these have gradually sloping entrances from the deck into the water, eliminating the need for steps or ladders, which can be attractive to patrons with mobility issues, children, and the elderly.
  • Tactile and visual aids: Incorporating these around the pool area can help guests with visual impairments. Tactile paving paths, braille signs, high-contrast color schemes for steps or pool edges, and other features enhance visibility and safety.

Extra Maintenance Services

A clean, well-maintained pool is a happy one and far more attractive to guests and patrons. It can be difficult to maintain in-house staff to clean a pool, a sometimes specialized job, around the clock. So if you’re going to invest in upgrades to your pool, investing in professional commercial pool services, such as those offered by Strong Refuge Pool, should be at the top of your list.

These services can ensure that your organization’s pool remains a clean, well-maintained spot for community gatherings and more. No kids get sick, no water turns cloudy. When you work with specialized pool teams, you’ll have a clean, beautiful pool you can be proud of.

If you want to get started on what upgrades make the most sense for your pool, contact the experts today.

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