Claire London Unveils Sultry New Single “Black Leather”

The sensual sounds of Claire London's most recent single, "Black Leather," will have you moving. This engrossing song is going to awaken your senses and carry you away to a magical musical realm.

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Nashville’s own Claire London has released her latest single, “Black Leather,” marking an exciting new chapter in her musical journey. The track, now available on all major streaming platforms, is a captivating blend of soul, blues, rock, and pop, showcasing London’s distinctive voice and artistic evolution.

Produced by Grammy-winning Mitch Dane, “Black Leather” features a seductive guitar-picked intro, dynamic melodies, and a robust drumbeat that enhances London’s sultry vocals. The song, inspired by the first time London met her husband, evokes deep emotions of love and self-improvement, making it a standout piece from her forthcoming EP, Stardust.

Claire London’s journey in music began at a young age, leading her from New York City’s vibrant music scene to Los Angeles, and eventually to Nashville. Over the years, she has performed in girl groups, launched solo projects, and co-founded Female Frequency, a collaborative space for women in music. Her move to Nashville and partnership with Mitch Dane has led to a raw and authentic sound influenced by Fleetwood Mac, The Civil Wars, and Jack White. “Black Leather” not only highlights her musical versatility but also her ability to convey profound personal experiences through her art. For fans eager to follow her latest developments, Claire London remains active on Instagram @clairelondonmusic and on her website

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