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The Untold Obstacles Of The Freelancing Lifestyle

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If you’re considering quitting your position in a company and embracing the freedom of a freelance career, you may want to read about the difficulties of the freelancing world. Working for yourself might seme liberating, but it’s not a decision to take lightly. Find out here the backstage of this glamorous yet misunderstood professional lifestyle.

You need to find your own gigs

The best and only way to make money as a freelancer is to find your own clients. While it might sound appealing – and you may even think about your clients at work and how you would reject them if you were your own boss – it means that you are constantly looking for new jobs while you’re already working on current projects. You can use freelancing platforms to get to meet new potential clients, which can be helpful. However, most platforms take a percentage of your earning to pay for their services. On the one hand, you’re assured of a fair and safe transaction and can complain if the client doesn’t pay. But for small projects, you won’t be making a lot of money!

You create your own office

If you used to complain about the furniture at work, you’ll struggle to make your home office work as a freelancer. Work equipment doesn’t come for free, and you may find yourself forced to look for financing options, including looking for the personal loans best rates options to purchase your essentials: Furniture, hardware, and software tools. As a freelancer, you can’t use any commercial financing because you don’t have a company.

Sick days are on you

While some companies pay for their freelancers’ sick days, such as Microsoft, most businesses will only pay for your work. In other words, if you get sick, it’s a day without an income. While the advantages of paying for freelancers’ benefits are proven in terms of engagement and commitment to the company; you’ll find it difficult to convince businesses to look after your personal needs.

It can be lonely

Freelancing means working on your own. It’s difficult to stay disciplined in an environment where there’s no monitoring, but more importantly, it’s impossible not to feel lonely. It can affect your mental health if you’re not prepared to take precautions. For a start, you can join coworking space if you live in a busy urban area. Simply choosing to work part-time in a shared office with other freelancers can help you to keep a social engagement in your day. Additionally, you should try to meet your clients face-to-face at least once. It helps to build a relationship, and it’s good practice if you’re worried about losing your professional touch.

Not as liberating as you think

Finally, freelancing is stressful. You need to take care of your health insurance, which can be expensive. You spend a lot of time worrying about getting paid or finding new gigs. Finally, you have no way of measuring the quality of your work. Your boss-free environment is ridden with anxiety!

In short, make sure to weight the pros and cons of freelancing before you start your career. If you’re not prepared to face these difficulties, you are doomed to fail.

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