Effective ways to repurpose your business content in 2021

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Repurposing your content can be a great way to increase website traffic. And, more importantly, it can help you reach new audiences across various platforms. There is no need to constantly work on creating new original content to improve your online visibility. You can accomplish this by using your older quality pieces. Just update them with new information or change the format. While there are many effective ways to repurpose your business content in 2021, it’s essential to always provide something new. Because, with such content refreshing, the goal is to retain and even boost its SEO potential.

Repurpose your business content the right way

Content repurposing doesn’t always mean just creating a video about the topics from your website. It also means adjusting the given content to make it more appealing to different audiences. To all those potential viewers you have been missing the first time you released the content. In other words, you can benefit from the same effort more than just once. You can use your content to create YouTube videos, promote certain aspects on social media, and more. Basically, the goal should be to transform it to any format your potential audience might prefer.

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To help you repurpose your business content in 2021 successfully, here are some of the most effective strategies you should consider:

  1. Update your content and republish it in other places
  2. Transform your content into audio-video material
  3. Promote your content through webinars
  4. Create online courses
  5. Condense your content into infographics
  6. Repurpose your business content on social media
  7. Create an eBook
  1. Update your content and republish it in other places

One of the basic ways to repurpose your content is, for example, to update blog posts with new information. A lot of things change over time, especially statistical information. If you are presenting conclusions and sharing opinions based on redundant data, it might not be relevant anymore. To make it relevant again, make sure to check for outdated information and update it.

You can try to pick out and republish some of your content on other websites in the process. Guest posting is probably one of the most popular options here. It’s an effective method to reach a new audience, improve your link profile, and increase credibility. Just make sure to follow the advice from experts such as wpfullcare.com and update your landing pages accordingly. You will need to be presentable when visitors arrive after clicking on some of your backlinks on other websites.

  1. Transform your content into audio-video material

Apart from taking your written content and refreshing it, you can change its format as well. Consider modernizing your articles and releasing them as presentational videos. Or promote them as complete audio or interview-style video podcast. Perfect examples are all types of business guides, presentations, and different videos on YouTube. In essence, one big video, or series of podcast episodes, will have a large audience mostly because people prefer digesting visual and audio material rather than reading. Statistically, the percentage of people who favor podcasts and graphic materials is constantly on the rise.

  1. Promote your content through webinars

Another way to repurpose and promote your content is by hosting webinars. You can host meetings, lectures, training events, and different types of live presentations. These types of seminars are incredibly convenient because they don’t require physical presence. People from all around the world can participate and watch you present your content online. It can be a full online seminar on a given subject in connection to the content from your website. But it’s also an excellent opportunity to promote your other content through excerpts you can link below.

  1. Create online courses

The other, less interactive way to repurpose your content is to create online courses. If you know how to make your articles more credible by adding an author info box in WordPress, you probably have plenty of quality content on your website. If a large portion of your content focuses on giving instructions about the same subject, you can go a step further. You can repurpose your content by creating online courses and educate people on a given topic. Also, providing your audience with information that could help them attain a certificate will keep them motivated and engaged.

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  1. Condense your content into infographics

Popular among many marketers, infographics are an effective way to repurpose your business content. They are a simple yet straightforward way to present any type of information. From statistics to step-by-step tutorials, everything can be cleverly presented this way. On top of it, they are much more engaging and interesting than complex and often confusing PowerPoint presentations. You can transform older content into more creative graphical and other eye-catchy material to attract a bigger audience.

  1. Repurpose your business content on social media

With billions of users, social media provides many opportunities to expand your audience. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why many companies use it in their marketing campaigns. Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms for content sharing. You can choose to share complete repurposed articles on social media, or you can use it for advertising updated content from your websites.

  1. Create an eBook

Finally, if you want to further expand your content, consider creating an eBook. Sometimes, simple blog posts are not enough to dissect particular subjects. They often require more space to be explained thoroughly. Instead of giving brief information, use your knowledge and gather everything in one place. Create an eBook and promote it online. For free or for a fee, it will depend on what your business needs to accomplish. In addition, if there is not enough content for a book, you can always create a smaller case study edition.

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As you can see, you can repurpose content in many different ways. Before you dive into the process, consider your goals:

  1. Create a good plan, inspect competitors, and explore all possible options.
  2. Analyze your existing content and see what requires updating.
  3. Decide what formats you will use and how you will promote them.

If done right, after you repurpose your business content in 2021 you will undoubtedly increase your audience and its diversity and engagement.

Guest post written by Victoria Drake

Victoria Drake is an entrepreneur, researcher, and writer. She is passionate about sharing opinions and advice on different business topics, including content promotion.

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