Tash Delivers on New Single “Rachel and Ross”

Aiden Faire
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Tash, the talented Australian singer, songwriter, and guitarist known for her soulful R&B/Pop music, is set to captivate audiences once again.

Her velvety voice, deeply personal lyrics, and youthful charm have won hearts around the world. Tash’s musical journey started in 2016 when she was discovered by American Producer/Songwriter Mark J. Feist. Since then, she has unveiled an impressive collection of 56 singles and 25 music videos, amassing over 60 million combined streams on various platforms. Her latest single, “Rachel and Ross,” is now available, marking a bold and exhilarating step in her artistic evolution.

Tash shares her inspiration for the track:

“‘Rachel and Ross’ draws its inspiration from my love for the TV show ‘Friends,’ which has become my go-to comfort show. I’ve watched it countless times, finding solace in it when I’m anxious or overwhelmed. In the song, I reference the show as a way to express how I sometimes choose to distract myself from real problems.”

Tash has forged a strong connection with her ever-growing fanbase. In just a month, her TikTok following has skyrocketed from 3,000 to over 580,000, and her use of the “Glow Up” sound on TikTok has generated over 70.8 million views from more than 36,000 videos. On Instagram, she boasts a substantial following of 72,000.

Tash’s musical roots trace back to her childhood, where she was raised in a family of musicians. Her mother taught her to play the guitar, her father was a skilled bass player, and her brother imparted music theory knowledge that she still applies today. At the age of 13, Tash ventured into writing and performing her own material. She began by sharing acoustic covers of her favorite artists, like Ariana Grande, on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Her talent did not go unnoticed. Mark Feist, a renowned producer with credits including Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, and Kelly Rowland, discovered her, along with Australian entrepreneur Mark Finn. Their daughters’ admiration for Tash’s talent led to the signing of the 14-year-old artist to their label, Hitmakers Entertainment. This marked the beginning of her journey in Los Angeles. Over the years, Tash has consistently refined her musical style and skills, crafting hits like “Lil’ Love Song” and “I Don’t Like Parties” in 2017, and more recent tracks like “Serotonin” and “Glow Up” in 2022. Her latest releases in 2023 include “For The First Time,” “787,” and “Dopamine.” Notably, Tash has penned every lyric and melody for each release, with the exception of one co-writer, Mark J. Feist, who has produced and arranged every track.

Tash currently divides her time between Los Angeles and Sydney, drawing inspiration from her diverse experiences to infuse her soulful songwriting with authenticity. “Rachel and Ross” is available now on all streaming platforms.”

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