Connie Lansberg Debuts Gorgeous New Single “Free”

Written by Aiden Faire

“Connie Lansberg, the Melbourne-based jazz singer, songwriter, and the creative mind behind Transformational Entertainment, is no ordinary jazz vocalist. Her latest single, “Free,” is a remarkable blend of elegance and strength, akin to sipping tea with one hand while engaging your soul with the other.

This gentle ballad has been in the making for a decade. Lansberg cherished it like a hidden treasure, patiently awaiting the perfect moment. The stars aligned when she collaborated with jazz pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, resulting in a delicate dynamism that’s both comforting and captivating.

“Free” is a standout track from Lansberg’s self-produced album, “Alone with Bees.” Recorded in a single take with Fitzgibbon on piano, Ben Hanlon on double bass, and Peter Hodges on drums, the song showcases Lansberg’s exceptional songwriting and producing skills. It’s as if she wields her voice like a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through the noise and delving into the heart of the matter. Could this be the future of jazz? If it is, count me in!

Lansberg’s vocals exude a gentle yet compelling force. Her unique blend of grace and fierceness draws you in, prompting reflection. Backed by Fitzgibbon’s delicate piano, the song delves into the intricacies of happiness, freedom, and the burdens of the past. It’s a musical journey that’s simultaneously introspective and liberating.

Reflecting on the recording process, Connie shares, “Being in the studio with my three favorite musicians was a pure joy. Their deep respect for the delicacy of this song left me utterly astonished.”

Connie Lansberg’s “Free” is a masterclass in what I’d describe as ‘delicate dynamism.’ This track, perched at the intersection of jazz, classical, and country, encourages listeners to confront their own past traumas with its evocative storytelling and unique sound. It’s a must-listen.”

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By Aiden Faire Music Reviewer
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