Tara Novak Has Us Giddy With Her New Single “My Heart Was Jumping”

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When people describe what having butterflies in your stomach feels like, you really can’t imagine it until it happens to you. The same thing can be said about running into the one who got away, many years later. However, Tara Novak does an exceptional job at inviting us into this feeling and successfully passing it along as though it is happening to us in real time with her newest single release,“My Heart Was Jumping”. This track is the newest addition to Tara’s slew of singles, following tracks like “Can I Ever Go Home”, and our favorite “Laconia”. But this track feels different, with a more storytelling vibe; Tara Novak is tackling an artistic vision that is similar to that of Taylor Swift, but Novak does it with an inimitable twist. 

With this single, Novak sends a message of women empowerment, much like artists such as P!nk. The track tells a story of estranged lovers reuniting and the feeling you get when you see them for the first time. Your breath catches, and Tara has surely made us catch our breath with this track. 

Although she describes these moments of happiness in her life with her lover, she also mentions how the sun rises the next morning. This can imply that although these moments are great, the next morning she has to go about her day and live her life. This allows listeners to see there is a balance needed within relationships. The love you have for someone might be incredibly strong, and even after years of being apart, you still feel that spark the minute you reconnect. However, just because you feel that way about someone doesn’t mean you should let it encompass you. When the sun comes up, you have to be ready to get up and leave and still have your own life. One of our favorite things about Tara Novak is her ability to create tracks that allow listeners to form their own messaging

“My Heart Was Jumping” is a very playful track with an intricate melody. There are a number of moving parts as Tara introduces many instruments that are used in bits and pieces to keep the song lively, but her voice is the main atraction. The addition of these instruments also help convey the emotional charge of the song as it makes us want to be happy and carefree. Tara’s amazing lyricism is similar to that of Joni Mitchell as they both tell a complex story with many clever lyric schemes and rhymes. This single is a very poppy tune, and it’s something that you can put on and listen to over and over again and find something new in the story and song production each time. 

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