Stay Lunar announce release date for highly anticipated single ‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’

Formed in 2019, Bristol-based five-piece Stay Lunar have had quite the impact in a short space of time with their bold indie/dream-pop sound. Their two highly praised singles, ‘Brainshake’ and ‘Catch Up’ gained them wide recognition, helping them land support slots with the likes of Larkins, Little Comets, SPINN, CLEWS, Lottery Winners and more.

“We want to make music that makes people feel something, but simultaneously want to dance”, explains singer/songwriter Harry Leigh. “We really enjoy capturing melancholic subjects in their rawest form, then crafting them into upbeat and energetic songs. For us, it spins difficult topics and situations into hopeful, optimistic pieces”

Crafted with the help of producers Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy of Sugar House (Pale Waves, Larkins, Viola Beach and Mint), ‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’ is a dreamy journey through relationship insecurities and inescapable nightmares that cling to you for days, all brought to life with swirly synths, driving bass and bouncing guitars. Ady and Lee have also been working on Stay Lunar’s second track of 2020, ‘Round and Round’, which will be released before summer.

‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’ will be released on 27th March and has already been backed by BBC Introducing, having been made BBC Introducing in the West’s ‘Track Of The Week’ 2nd March.

What reviewers think of Stay Lunar:

  • “A perfect blend between The Smiths and Foals, but with enough attitude to sound fresh as ” – Fred Bambidge, It’s All Indie.
  • “A chemical explosion of sound just waiting to incinerate your ears” – Jeff, Odd Nugget
  • “The underground tastemakers and scene setters will be all over this” Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture
  • “A product of self-created sound that mixes dreamy and funky elements with rocky riffs. It’s almost impossible not to bop your head to this song” – Music For The Misfits

Stay Lunar Are:

AGP 2257

  • George Coggan (lead guitar)
  • James Rowland (bass)
  • Charlie Skeates (drums)
  • Harry Leigh (vocals, guitar)
  • Tom Caton (synth/keys)

Stay Lunar announce release date for highly anticipated single ‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’

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