Music Review: Kiss The Boys by Kelsy Karter

Jason Mac Nicol
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This music review is going to be a short but to the point, one as Kelsy has released a few amazingly produced and performed tracks which feature on her new and anticipated album due to be released in February 2016.

This impulsive star ran away from her home in Australia at the age of 17 to pursue her dream of making it big in the music biz in the United States.  That was four years ago and she has, in my opinion, made a hell of a lot of headway.

She describes her genre of music as being a mix of her favorite music styles growing up which consisted of Motown, Soul and Rock and Roll and so she calls it “Blue-Eyed Soul” which I can see being picked up and run with.  The vocal style is like that of the late Amy Winehouse and I can see Kelsy taking over from the idol to continue to give the audiences fresh music by a great artist but in no way replacing Amy, rather creating her own style and voice with the echoes of the Winehouse days.

I am a big fan of the music she is creating and the styles and messages behind each track… I feel she really understands the importance of creating meaningful and original music as a lot of music today is often generic and made for the simple reason of pandering to the general audience’s ears rather than taking people out of their comfort zones to experience something new and fresh and with meaning.  It would be hard for me to pick a top track that I like for the simple reason that I do like all of it but one that really stands out for me would be “The Children of my Hometown” not only for the great acoustics it boasts but also really shows the vocal extent of Kelsy’s amazing voice and the fact that we share the same phobia of never wanting to grow up and live forever!  But of course, the crowning achievement to date and the one which I feel we will soon be hearing over every radio station day to day for weeks will be the amazing mix of guitar solo and uplifting soul rhythms that is “Kiss The Boys”.

Other tracks include “Crystal Blues”, “Clocks”, “Valentine” and “Outsiders”.  So as we wait for the release of her debut album, and I’m sure we will be reviewing it at the earliest convenience, we have these tracks to keep our fix topped up until the release date.

Kelsy Karter “Kiss The Boys” (Official Music Video)

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Kelsy Karter – Rebel. Blue-eyed soul singer… I listen to Sam Cooke and carry a switchblade. I was a weird kid, mischievous and bold, and now, I feel as though I am somewhat of an outsider in today’s music industry, but I am the hardest worker you’ll ever meet and believe in making your strange, your strength. I moved to Los Angeles as a runaway teenager, with no plan and no fears. I was brought up on Motown, soul and rock n roll and am re-inventing these genres into my own little mix of musical wonder. I grew up performing in the theatre and always had a keen interest in joining the circus. Music allows me to live this passion for acting and storytelling. I feel like I was meant to live through the 50’s and 60’s, so I embrace that. I am heavily influenced by James Brown, The Rolling Stones, James Dean, Elvis and Johnny Depp. I love love, fight hard, and am irrevocably addicted to chaos.

You can find all of Kelsy’s music on Deezer as well as her YouTube channel

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