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Printz Board – Boarding Pass EP

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Welcome to the first ever music review for Divine Magazine…. with, we hope, many more to come.  Divine Magazine work with various promotional companies to showcase the latest in raw talent and also the more established artists in the industry giving us access to new music to review.

Think of this section as a journey through sick beats, hi-hats and high notes which will keep you up to date and in the loop with new music.


I’d like to introduce myself as G4mble, Divine Magazine’s official Music Correspondent.  Born in South Africa, I moved to Essex, England when I was 12, I like to think I have a mixed knowledge of local and international, music types which I see reflected in popular chart-topping music today.  I was very much into the hip-hop scene when I was younger and now have a broader eclectic taste in raw vocals and instrumental pieces including the likes of Alex Clare, Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane and many others.

So without further ado let’s begin our journey into the creative thoughts of our artists and appreciate their soul digitized.



So our first artist is PRINTZ BOARD with his new EP BOARDING PASS.  This Grammy Award-winning musician has worked with the likes of Black Eyes Peas, John Legend and Mark Ronson and with a resume like that, you do expect pure quality from this artist and he doesn’t disappoint.

This EP shows the range of talents Printz has under his belt and you can hear in his music the experience he has had with the Black Eyed Peas especially in Track 3 ‘I Could Spend All Night’ as it echoes vocals normally sung by Will.I.Am. Printz does this in his own styles like a weird mash-up of Lupe Fiasco, John Legend and Will.I.Am before the autocue.

One thing about Printz that I admire is that he has been quoted in an interview with RapReviews saying “ I’m real. I’m of the people, for the people, with the people. My goals are not to be Chris Brown, another Black Eyed Peas, Wiz Khalifa, I’m not really shooting for the stars like that, I just want to do my music and get it to the people.”  This shows that he is in it for the music and the people which may be an easy thing for him to say as he has been immersed in the superstar lifestyle for quite some time now but is still a moral achievement that after all these years of fame, fortune and number 1 tracks he still does what he does because of the love for the music.

The album has a varied melody behind all of its tracks, everything from a bouncy tune like ‘Rock N Roll’ (My Favorite) to the slower ease into the album with ‘Fuckin A’.  The varied producing styles and techniques makes Printz Board one to keep watching as I feel in my opinion he has massively influenced popular music to date from very much behind the scenes but is now in full spotlight to change the way music is perceived with his solo career.

Divine Magazine would like to thank Jade Williams from Total Assault for the opportunity to review Printz Board’s new EP ‘Boarding Pass’.

Check out the links to Printz Official Website and start following him on SoundCloud

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