Most Popular Majors and Careers for the LBGT Community

Kate Harveston
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Everybody faces a challenge when selecting a career. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives at work; therefore, selecting the right career path makes a huge difference in overall life satisfaction and happiness.

Members of the LBGT community unfortunately face additional hurdles when selecting a career path. They must not only choose a career they love, but one where they will be accepted and welcomed with open arms. Given our current political climate, choosing the right path can be more difficult than ever. Here are some of the most popular career choices for members of the LGBT community.

Careers in the Non-Profit Sector

There are any number of non-profit organizations that not only welcome members of the LGBT community, but work to fight for equal rights for all. Positions with non-profit organizations range from entry-level to managerial, and thus are a great choice for those who may not pursue a traditional college education. Organizations such as GLAAD, The Human Rights Campaign and even Amnesty International offer a diverse set of career options for those seeking to do good and change the world.

Youth Counselors

Many youth who identify as LGBT face unnecessary suffering at the hands of bullies. Many are even shunned by their own families if they dare to come out. A career as a youth counselor is a great way to make sure these children receive the love, support and acceptance they deserve. Those seeking a career as a youth counselor may find entry-level work without a degree; however, those wishing to advance their careers should seek a degree in psychology or social work.

Gender and Sexuality Therapist

If you enjoy helping people but don’t particularly care to work with young children, a career as a gender and sexuality therapist may be the career for you. Some gender and sexuality therapists work exclusively with same-sex families. Others help members of the transgender community as they go through the psychological aspects of the process of transitioning.


This one may be surprising to some, but the STEM community is working hard to make the field more welcoming to members of the LGBT community. Not only are these professions more populated with open-minded individuals than one might think, they are also particularly lucrative. An engineering career opens many doors. Those pursuing this major have a wealth of specialties to choose from, such as electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering and much more. Graduates with an engineering degree often earn six figures or more.

Event Organizer

Perhaps you have attended a Pride event in the past, but did you ever think about all the hard work that goes into organizing these events? It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to organize anything from small local events to large events, such as the Sao Paolo pride parade. Event organizers not only help to organize these large events, but also smaller ones such as weekly coffee groups and monthly dinners.

Communications Specialist

Communications specialists work in fields such as marketing, advertising and public relations. They help with spreading the message of acceptance of the LGBT community. Around election time, communications specialists often work in the field as organizers to inform the public about issues important to the LGBT community and rally backing for candidates who support the cause.

LGBT News Reporter

For those who prefer to write to express their message rather than knock on doors or create advertisements, a career as a LGBT News Reporter may prove the perfect career path. Reporters have the opportunity to travel to wonderful locations, and write about issues dear to the LGBT community. They can also provide editorial commentary on issues that affect members of the community.

Civil Rights Lawyer

For those seeking to make a difference at the judicial level, a career as a civil rights attorney may be the way to go. While an advanced degree is required, attorneys possess the ability to create real change. Civil rights lawyers often work with organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, and may even go on to argue cases before the Supreme Court, defining the law of the land.

If you’re interested in career opportunities in any of these fields, a great place to start is with sites such as The Pipeline Project, which matches members of the LGBT community with employers eager for their skills. Here’s to wishing you the best of luck in your careers!

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