8 Fun Ways to Make Your Caffeine Habit Healthier

Kate Harveston
Kate Harveston 6 Min Read

If you’re like most Americans, the thought of starting your morning without a nice cuppa gives you the screaming horrors. Many of us carry mugs with sayings warning family and colleagues alike to handle us with care until we’re fully caffeinated. But is your caffeine jonesing healthy?

In moderation, caffeine boosts alertness and improves attention span. However, when you drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages to excess, you can experience jitters and a debilitating crash. Fortunately, making some small changes can keep your morning joe healthy instead of harmful.

1. Try a Spot of Tea Instead

Do you enjoy your morning brew as much for warmth as for the energizing effects? If so, try switching to drinking black tea at least for your second or third servings. Black tea contains half or less the amount of caffeine that coffee does, making it less likely to give you the jitters if you drink too much. Additionally, all teas contain high levels of antioxidants, substances that fight cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

2. Use a Natural Creamer

Are you obsessed with flavored creamers? If so, read your labels carefully. Many commercial liquid creamers contain palm kernel oil, which is high in saturated fat — the kind that’s bad for your heart. Plus, the cultivation of palm oil decimates orangutan habitats, a critically endangered species.

Instead, opt for natural creamers. If you’re a vegan, almond or soy milk will make for an excellent creamer. For those who like dairy, skim milk lightens coffee without all the added saturated fat.

3. Skip the Added Sugar

If you care about your dental health, you may wish to cut back on your caffeine habit. Adding sugar to your morning beverage gives cavity-causing bacteria a smorgasbord to dine upon — and sugary pops aren’t any better.

“No problem,” you might think, “I’ll simply switch to diet cola.” Not so fast. The citric acids in diet colas can prove just as harmful to teeth, as it eats enamel. Stick to water flavored with slices of lemon or watermelon for sweetness without the adverse dental effects.

4. Add a Touch of Turmeric

Do you suffer from chronic pain or any form of inflammatory disease? If so, adding a touch of dried turmeric to your morning cup of coffee can alleviate your pain. Researchers now believe that chronic, low-grade inflammation lies behind nearly every Western disease, and turmeric acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

You’ll barely taste the turmeric if you opt for dried leaves and blend them with your grounds. The result will be a slight chai flavor in your brew — something few people complain about!

5. Or Go with Some Cinnamon

Currently, more than 100 million Americans suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes, and a common precursor for the type-II variety of the disease is insulin resistance. Research indicates that cinnamon can help you overcome insulin resistance by regulating blood sugar levels.

If you struggle to shed the extra pounds, adding cinnamon to your morning joe can help. You can blend powdered cinnamon directly with your coffee grounds or add a stick of the stuff directly to your cup.

6. Make It Bulletproof

Some nutritionists swear by bulletproof coffee if you’re the sort who tends to grab a cuppa and little else in the morning. Bulletproof coffee integrates coconut oil and grain-free butter into the brew.

If you’re following the keto diet to overcome insulin resistance, bulletproof coffee may help. Remain aware, however, that too much saturated fat increases your risk of cardiovascular disease significantly. If you opt for this brew, save it only for mornings you truly have no time to grab so much as yogurt for breakfast. You can also use it as part of a short-term low-carb diet.

7. Pair It with a Healthy Fat

Did you know that people traditionally pair eggs with their coffee for a good reason? Healthy fats take longer to digest, lining your stomach and helping regulate the absorption of caffeine. This matching results in a longer-lasting boost of energy than drinking the beverage alone. It also helps mitigate caffeine crashes.

You need not eat animal products to reap the benefits either. You can sweeten your brew with coconut milk and pair it with a handful of nuts and seeds for omega-3 fatty acid goodness, no cruelty necessary.

8. Make It a Smoothie

Finally, consider blending your morning cuppa with a protein or vitamin/mineral powder to boost nutrition. Doing so does add calories, but far less than your typical Frappuccino. Why choke down a horse-sized supplement when you can blend the good stuff right into your brew?

Caffeine Can Be Healthy

You don’t need to swear off the magical bean water to preserve your health. By making a few minor changes, you can make your morning joe an integral part of your healthy lifestyle.

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