Jason & The Rex Releases Vibey New Single “Funk! The Antagonist”

Jason & The Rex is diving into an interactive universe of kaleidoscope thoughts with his new single “Funk! The Antagonist”. With eccentric beats and wildly explosive lyrics, “Funk! The Antagonist” is sure to take listeners on an intellectual adventure. The song serves as both the prequel and sequel to the artist’s previous single, “Bullets Are Flying”.  Jason & The Rex challenges listeners to decide who or what Funk is to them – it’s not limited to one subject. “It’s a visual purge of a decade’s worth of ideas and feelings and things.” (Jason & The Rex) Jason plans on building an ecosystem around the track in the weeks to come, including kaleidoscopic visuals, an interactive video and Funk! Games. Overall, Jason & The Rex has mastered a transcendental journey that involves listeners beyond the music with “Funk! The Antagonist”.

“Funk! The Antagonist” is available on all major platforms.

Jason Jiang is an actor, recording artist, and producer based in Bushwick, New York. As Jason & the Rex, he takes a multi-disciplinary approach to express the psyche of growing up and learning how to be an adult in the oversaturated, polarizing, and hyper-woke society of the digital age. Heavily inspired by the mindful and positive energy of early 90’s hip-hop acts like Common, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul, as well as the synth-heavy, lush soundscapes of dream-pop artists like The Cocteau Twins, Tame Impala, and The Cranberries, “Funk! The Antagonist” is Jason’s second single as Jason & the Rex. The single will also appear on Jason’s forthcoming EP Synthesizer or Variations of: An Endemic Cycle, which will explore and expand the theme of living in the mass shooting generation. Looking for the activism in art, Jason is fueled by the belief that artists, as citizens, have a unique ability to think creatively, to dream up solutions, and make space for quirky critical thinking.

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Jason & The Rex Releases Vibey New Single “Funk! The Antagonist”

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