Dom McAllister

Dom McAllister’s Low On A Wave EP, a soulful pop exploration of sexuality, love, empowerment, addiction, and life

Dom McAllister concludes a string of high calibre soulful pop releases with his masterful Low On A Wave EP, showcasing new release ‘Intentions’ featuring rapper Jords. This track is built on a subtle bassline, emotive piano chords, warped guitars and a sauntering modern pop production, all of which steadily reaches a crescendo in which Dom allows his innermost thoughts to roam free. 

Speaking about ‘Intentions’, the Scottish-Filipino musician shares:

“’Intentions’ speaks on the hardships of our daily lives. In homage to London and the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. I collaborated with Jords who speaks on his story which cuts deep. During this crazy time we’re facing at the moment it’s easy to feel alone. I hope people feel less alone knowing we’re all going through hard times.”

Looking towards the EP, ‘Intentions’ joins previous releases ‘Prospects’ and  ‘Movements’, which gives Dom McAllister the space to be honest about sexuality and love. Then there’s ‘Camouflage’, which talks about controlling those thoughts and feeling empowered regardless of all those problems. As you’ll hear, the production has layers of trap and cinematic synths which drive the feels throughout the tracks. And where has the memorable title Low On A Wave come from? Well the keen-eared of you will have caught the lyric “I’m sailing my love on a wave” in ‘Incense’, referring to struggles with money, addiction and falling into a routine of limbo.

Summarising his debut Low On Wave EP, Dom says:

“‘Low on a wave’ represents many things that we struggle with whilst trying to find ourselves. Sounds all extremely deep but with a little help from the mellow trap and hip hop beats I hope that listeners can still vibe to it.

Even if there were no lyrics to these tracks, I feel the producers have captured sense of emotion with every chord change, beat and moody synth. Today we respond to a #mood or vibe we all want to feel, so I wanted to create something quite “wavey” yet still expressing how I felt at the time. If anyone is feeling alone for whatever reason, I hope this can sail anybody’s low on a wave to remember we’re all going through something.”

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