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Divine is thrilled to announce we recently interviewed Up and coming pop singer, Caroline Grace, who released her music video for her debut single “Show Me” recently. The single was actually co-written and produced by Jason Poo Bear Boyd, who recently wrote and produced on Justin Bieber’s entire ‘Purpose’ album. Caroline is the daughter of race car driver Carl Renezeder. She’s also a full-time student at USC.

We caught up with her in between her busy schedule and asked her some silly questions and some that we thought were cool and insightful 😊  It’s the way we try to roll here at Divine.

First, the silly ones.

If you were a superhero what powers would you have?

What ever powers wonder woman has. That chick is rad.

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets, and why?

That’s a tough one I honestly can’t decided! I’m an early bird so I love watching the sunrise with a nice cup of coffee. It’s such an amazing way to start a new day. But I love sunsets too. I’m from Laguna Beach, CA so I’ve been spoiled with some of the most amazing sunsets on earth.

What do you have on your fridge door? Magnets, children’s artwork, reminders?

Honestly nothing haha. I have pictures all over my walls, but nothing on my fridge.

What’s your favourite animated or cartoon program?

Beauty and the Beast!! I’m obsessed with anything Disney but beauty and the beast is for sure my favorite.

Do you have any lucky items, objects or traditions?

I don’t really have a lucky item. When I feel like I need an extra boost or help in a situation I just pray!

Have you ever won a giant sized cuddly toy from a fair?

I’ve never won one but someone else has won one for me 🙂

And now onto the serious ones.

You have a sound that ranges from acoustic to trop pop and on your website, you say you remain rooted in personal values of kindness, love, and helping others. Do you feel that as an artist you incorporate these values into your music?

Yes- definitely. That’s the entire reason I’m doing music. It’s to spread positive and relatable messages to a large audience. I think too much of our music nowadays is just noise. As musicians, we have the ability to reach a significant amount of people with the vehicle of song and music’s universal language. I feel an obligation to use that platform to say things that will contribute to making the world a little brighter. That’s not to say all of my songs are talking explicitly about making the world a better place- it means that my songs are meant to showcase my personal experiences and through being vulnerable, hopefully, touch some people.

 Your debut single “Show Me”, has been described as a very introspective and powerful acoustic-pop record, and was released this fall. Tell us a bit about how this song came to be.

Show Me was a collaboration between my self and Poo Bear (Jason Boyd). Poo brought in the original concept and we went from there. Upon initially hearing it, it seems to be a love song between two people. But Poo and I had a bit of a different perspective. Within literally an hour of meeting each other, we discovered we happen to go to the same church and grew up in Christian homes. Therefore, the motivation behind this sort of love song pulled a lot of influence from Christian worship music. “Show Me The Way” to us meant asking God to show us the way we should live our lives. That’s the beauty of the song. It can have so many different meanings. It can be a song about self love, a song about love between someone and someone else. The consistency is the plea behind the narrative which is wanting to be loved.

We noticed on your Twitter feed you fancied doing some Christmas cover versions – care to tell us which one you fancy, and if you had the chance to do one without restrictions, what would it be?

I’ll actually be releasing two Christmas covers via youtube in the next two weeks. I absolutely love all Christmas music. But some of my favorites would have to be New Years Eve, Last Christmas, Grown Up Christmas List, and The Christmas Song. I’m also a sucker for all the Christmas pop playlists. Santa Tell Me, Mistletoe and All I Want for Christmas is You are on constant repeat all December long.

You currently play piano and we know you’re trying to master the guitar. Do you feel this instrument brings a different level to your music, and how are you doing with the practice?

I’m really working on getting better at guitar mainly because it’s just a more accessible/ portable instrument. I can’t bring my baby grand piano with me everywhere although i wish I could! Therefore, guitar just provides for more flexibility and also, could bring a complete different perspective to song writing once I master it!

At USC you’re studying narrative and writing, so is this another thing you feel you want to get your teeth into- a writing career, not only for your song lyrics? (Can we expect a full blown extravagant musical screenplay from you anytime soon? 😉 )

Hey, anything is possible and I really don’t put a limit on potential future endeavors! I would love to get into another form of writing. Either a screenplay, musical, or potentially some sort of creative novel could definitely be on the horizon. I hope my music career will give me a large enough platform that If I did want to cross over into another creative medium I could.

We understand there is an EP in the works, with some exciting collaborations which are being kept under wraps. If you had the chance to collaborate with any other artist in the charts, who would that lucky someone be?

Chance The Rapper. I absolutely adore everything about him. I admire his lyricism and usage of his platform to do good work in the world. I would love to collaborate with him not only to create an insanely good song but to also work with him on doing some cool things with spreading positivity in general!

 And lastly, what else is in the pipeline for Caroline? Are you working on anything exciting you can tell us about right now?

Always working! You can definitely expect some exciting things in the next few months. A bunch of content, music and more! ❤️

Thanks so much to this lovely lady for coming by and answering our questions. It’s been a pleasure talking to her.

Caroline Grace - Show Me (Official Music Video)

And you can purchase the song here –

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