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Four Bathroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

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Decorating your bathroom can be an incredibly tedious task… but it doesn’t need to be!There are many different components involved when switching up your bathroom décor, including selecting the right materials for you and removing the old ones. Along with this, you’ll have to plan, purchase and install your chosen features.

Due to the size and ever-creeping associated costs, it’s ideal to get the job done correctly the first time and prevent having to re-do any parts. To help you avoid some of the most common catastrophes, here are a list of bathroom designs to avoid at all costs.

So avoid these bathroom blunders and get your dream bathroom right, the first time around.

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While there are plenty of interesting wallpaper designs that can brighten up a room and help you create a design that is unique and personal to you, this is best avoided in a bathroom.

A bathroom gets quite damp and warm when you are bathing or showering. This will cause wallpaper to peel and quickly ruin the artistic look that you have created, especially when you think of all that time you spent pasting and matching up that tricky pattern.

Another issue is that the warm room will quickly become humid and encourage the growth of damp and mould, which is not only unsightly but also a health hazard.

Choosing to use waterproof materials such as plastic shower panels instead of wallpaper can prevent the growth of mildew, and make cleaning and maintaining the room an easier task.

Better still, there are wet wall options with stylish, modern designs which will allow you to have a fashionable bathroom without running the risk of mould.


Your bathroom is usually the place you choose to relax in, with a long, warm bath being the perfect end to any day.

However, the wrong choice of colours can make your bathroom seem dark and dingy rather than clean and calm.

Choosing light colours can open up the space and turn your bathroom into a room that you can clear your mind in.

This doesn’t have to mean more magnolia, as there are plenty of bright paint options available to add a splash of colour to your room, without ruining the atmosphere.

Lack of ventilation

When designing your bathroom, not having an extractor fan may seem a money-saving decision.

However, when the room is actually modelled, you may come to regret this decision. The room can quickly become damp and mouldy since there is nothing actively ventilating the room.

An extractor fan is an effective way of filtering the air in the room, and is much more pleasant than having to shower with a window open, which lets chilly air in and heat out!

Waterproof bathroom flooring

When it comes to waterproofing the bathroom, the last thing you probably think of is the floor.

However, this could be one of the more important features to think about. This is because using carpet or wooden flooring can lead to damp forming or floorboards rotting, which can lead to deep-rooted structural damage if left untreated.

Therefore, waterproof bathroom flooring is a wise decision, as it will keep your bathroom healthy and prevent major repair expenses in the long run.

As you can see, there are many small choices that you can make to avoid making major mistakes in your bathroom designs, without sacrificing style or substance.

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