Interview with Kate Hull, Stylist and Founder of Share Joy

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, there are individuals who possess the extraordinary ability to bring joy and beauty into our lives. One such individual is Kate Hull, a sought-after expert in styling and floral design, as well as the founder of Share Joy.

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Photo courtesy of Andrea Costrino & Co. Portrait Photography

Kate Hull is a sought-after expert, stylist and founder of Share Joy. Kate Hull and Share Joy are featured in national media. Her styling includes floral design, and her installations enhance and compliment any space.

Her beautiful floral arrangements and designs have been showcased with the entertainment industry, corporations, nonprofits, weddings, events and more. We caught up with Kate Hull to discuss being an expert in the industry, her new creations, her brand Share Joy and more. 

Image courtesy of Kate Hull
Photo courtesy of Kate Hull

You have experience creating stunning, unique flower arrangements and designs for clients in all industries. How did you know you were great at doing this? 

I have always had an appreciation for fresh flowers. The colors and simple beauty of what can be created with them have always been an extension of my soul. I started out creating fresh flower arrangements to place around my home, and it grew from there. Many people started to rave about my unique designs, and then others wanted their own one-of-a-kind floral experiences. Flowers simply make me happy; they feel part of my life’s purpose. 

When did you decide to start Share Joy? 

Share Joy came to me as an idea in January 2023. I went online to order flowers for my sister’s birthday, and I knew at that time I could design a stunning flower arrangement at a more affordable price. I said to my son, I know I can do this and spread joy to others. 

What do you enjoy most about Share Joy? 

I love to create beauty. I love having a brand that is wrapped in the simplest concept, which is to spread love and share joy. I love the experiences and the individuals that have come into my life because of Share Joy. 

What is the creative process like when it comes to design and floral arrangement?

I appreciate that you asked me that question. The creative process is actually my most favorite place to be. I love sitting with clients to discuss the vibe of their event and then creating the outcome of their desires. I love picking out the inventory and fresh flowers. I love working with my hands to create. 

You have designed and created displays for corporations, nonprofits, weddings, and events. What other collaborations would you like to do? 

I would love to continue to align with individuals that have the same mission. I look forward to continuing collaborations by making each one a one-of-a-kind experience for any occasion.    

You are also a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty expert. Where do you find inspiration for your floral arrangements, and designing each of your Share Joy products? 

I am inspired by all things that are beautiful. Things that are soft and elegant, nostalgic, and classic. I am inspired by individuals that have created empires and legacies around positive missions. I am incredibly inspired by learning and listening to the stories of others. 

Will Share Joy come out with any new product line extensions? 

Absolutely! I will be introducing a beauty line that includes a body moisturizer, lotion, lip kits and a body mist, etc. I like to create products that inspire and bring joy to others.  It also brings joy to me creating and developing these products. These items also make an excellent gift for someone and will surely bring joy to them.  

About Share Joy

Share Joy is passionate about spreading love by way of beautiful fresh floral designs to enhance events, lifestyles, and moments. 

Our mission is to curate joy and inspire happiness and connection, by offering a range of carefully created products and event experiences designed to elevate everyday life. 

We are committed to giving back to others, including we actively support community-based organizations to positively impact humanity. 

For me, Share Joy is a movement and a way of life. 

For more information on Kate Hull and Share Joy, visit:

Follow Kate Hull on Instagram: @ShareJoyKate

Follow Share Joy on Instagram: @ShareJoyFresh 

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