How to Turn Your Small Bathroom into an Ultimate Resting Haven

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Your bathroom might seem like the room you use only for your basic hygienic needs, but it can very easily become a room of rest and relaxation. After all, this is the place where you’re at your most vulnerable and private. Regardless of how small your bathroom is, it can still be your personal oasis and resting haven that no one else can use. All you need is some determination, a little bit of motivation, and a few great ideas.

1. Add Plants

Though it may seem ridiculous to add plants to a bathroom, it can actually be quite calming. Nature generally makes us feel more relaxed and laid-back, so why not use this knowledge to your advantage? You don’t have to go all out on the plants.

It’s enough to introduce a few potted ones to the premises. If you’ve got a cabinet or a shelf in your bathroom, this can be the perfect place for a small potted plant. As well as being a lovely sight, plants also provide more fresh oxygen and make the room even more comfortable.

2. Make the Room Appear Bigger

Make the Room Appear Bigger

A small bathroom may be cute and quirky, but it can also end up feeling very claustrophobic. This is especially true if your design consists of decorative items. All those decors might seem like a nice idea but will ultimately feel like clutter in such a small space. Something more comfortable would be finding ways to make the room appear bigger.

One of the best ways to do that is to add a mirror. They reflect light, thus making the room brighter, as well. With a mirror, it comes down to the position as much as the design.

3. Use the Power of Colour

It’s not an unknown fact that color has a huge effect on our mood. If you want to relax in your bathroom instantly, you should use the power color can have on your mind. Since we’re talking about a small bathroom, you won’t be able to introduce a lot of external colorful features. Thankfully, you still have your walls. Introducing a pastel pattern on the walls or using classy tiles can do wonders for reaching calm and serenity.

4. Eliminate the Noise

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No matter how good your sound insulation might be, the bathroom is the noisiest part of the house. With all the ventilation and pipes in play, it’s only natural that the bathroom isn’t as soundproof as the rest of the house. When we take into account that windows usually let all the noise in, too, we end up with a very noisy bathroom. This is the opposite of what you want to have in your resting haven,

Peace and quiet should be a priority. This is why most people choose to install noise reduction windows. You need the ventilation and you’ve already done everything you can on the insulation front. All that’s left to do is change the windows so they provide the quiet you need. Now you can finally take a long bath in peace and enjoy some quality me-time, without being constantly interrupted by unwanted noise.

5. Maximize Shower Space

Since you’ve got a small bathroom on your hands, you’ll have to prioritize what you improve. Shower space should definitely be high on the list of priorities. This is because you won’t be able to rest and relax unless you’ve got a vast and comfortable shower. After all, no one likes showering in a borderline claustrophobic unit.

When you maximize your shower space, you also create a more luxurious and elegant effect. This way, your eyes get to rest as well as the rest of your body. Taking in something smooth, calm, and classy makes the brain relax on a whole other level.


Just because a bathroom is small, doesn’t mean it can’t serve as your escape from the real world. In this chaotic time and day, every one of us deserves a nook in the house that can accommodate our needs. Well-Rounded bathroom design can make all the pieces fit together perfectly and give you the bathroom you deserve regardless of their size.

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