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Korean ladies are known for having clear and beautiful skin. In fact, many Korean ladies take pride in their wide knowledge of beauty secrets and regimens for achieving and maintaining radiant skin and defy skin aging. The Korean beauty philosophy is about focusing on skin care than relying on makeup so that you’ll have beautiful skin that doesn’t need covering up. They prefer using skincare products like Dr Jart.

Here are some quirky Korean beauty tips for having beautiful skin:

Do facial massages regularly.

Koreans believe that facial massages help increase circulation on the face, thus improving your skin’s texture by encouraging blood flow that helps flush outs toxins and deliver nutrients into your skin cells. Facial massages also speed up skin renewal, as increased circulation helps slough off dead skin cells faster and bring up new skin cells to reveal a brighter and younger-looking complexion.

You can easily incorporate facial massages into your routine by doing circular motions and tapping rotations with your fingers, starting on the forehead, then the cheekbones, cheeks, and working down to your jawbones and chin. You may perform a quick one while doing an oil cleanse, or you can go for a full-on facial massage at a skin clinic or massage spa.

Practice mouth stretches.

Although you’ll be making hilarious faces doing these exercises, mouth stretching actually helps improving circulation around your lips and mouth area, leading to a ‘toned’ smile, exercise your cheek muscles, and prevent sagging around the lower facial areas. All you need to do is exaggerate pronouncing A-E-I-O-U repeatedly and enjoy making fun of yourself!

Drink barley tea.

Aromatic, nutty-flavored roasted barley teas are popular among Koreans served in cafes and Korean families. Barley tea is a staple in Korean (and Japanese and Chinese) cuisine and is believed to be full of antioxidants that keep the skin and body healthy, it is even served to Korean babies to fortify their skin and well-being.

Opt for a charcoal sheet mask.

Sheet masks are very popular in Korea with all sorts of varieties and ingredient formulations to choose from. However, charcoal-infused sheet masks have become more popular over the years due to its effective cleansing and detoxifying properties, as powdered charcoal is effective in absorbing dirt and impurities from within the pores, revealing a cleaner looking and bright skin immediately after use.

Use an overnight sleeping mask.

 Our bodies do important repairs during our sleep, including the elimination of dead skin cells and regeneration of new skin cells (also called skin renewal process). Applying overnight sleeping masks onto our face helps boost this natural skin renewal process, as the sleeping mask helps deliver hydration and nutrients deep into the skin’s layers as we sleep. Expect to wake up feeling refreshed and with a glowing skin upon waking up immediately.

Apply essence in between moisturizers.

 Essences are lightweight formulations that effectively hydrate the skin and prime it for absorbing nutrients and active ingredients from serums and moisturizers. Many Korean women do not skip using essences before applying other products in their skincare routine. Ideally, essences should be applied after toning, followed up by a serum or ampoule to help target and correct specific skin care concerns (e.g. dark spots), and sealed in with a moisturizer to lock in all the hydration and nourishment within the skin’s barrier.

Blur skin imperfections away.

 Korean women are fond of using a makeup trick called blurring, which involves using one or several coverage products with a makeup brush or sponge to wipe out and ‘blur’ any skin imperfection. The only difference is that blurring is focused on blending coverage out to create a natural finish without looking excessively covered up or heavy, as Korean beauty regimens are focused on bringing out natural beauty than enhancing features through makeup.

Bring out the natural color of your lips.

 Like their makeup philosophy, Korean women are more concerned about bringing out the natural color of one’s lips than using brightly pigmented lipsticks to enhance one’s features. Lip oils and lip tints that blend according to your natural lip pigmentations are highly popular in Korea.

Korean beauty culture focuses on building healthy foundations and routines for preserving beautiful skin and using cosmetics to bring out natural tones and accents. Following these tips and tricks from Korean beauty culture may help you improve your own beauty routine and find what works for you.

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