How to Choose a Backboard Size Based on the Size of Your Playing Space

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Before buying a basketball hoop, there are essential factors that you need to reconsider. With tons of variations, sizes, and manufacture, you’ll want to purchase the perfect backboards to help improve your gameplay. Aside from that, whether you’ll be playing with your friends or having a one-on-one session with your kid, hoops are considerable investments.

Basketball backboard sizes come in width, starting at 48 inches up to 72 inches. If you search for one that’s ideal for regular games, choose a backboard that’s no smaller than 54 inches wide. If you decide on something narrower than that, it’ll be hard for you to effectively execute your bank shots.

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Hoops?

Since a backboard is a necessary purchase, there are essential factors that you have to check. If you’re in a hurry to fix your home court, you can visit this website to give you the best deals for indoor hoops. However, you may want to reconsider the following elements:

  • Frequency of use

Basketball hoops are pricey and take up a lot of space. The rim and backboard are commonly the first parts that fail with frequent use. You should never compromise the quality of your backboard and go for cheaper yet risky options.

To ensure your hoops last longer, find one that comes with a breakaway rim. Compared to regular static rims, breakaway rims enable you to dunk and never have to worry about your hoops failing you. Breakaway rims are flexible; college players used them, and so as do professional players.

The key to long-lasting backboards is their springs. It compresses even under pressure and can stand dunks, shots, late-night practice games, or leisure play. With proper maintenance and care, you’ll expect your hoops to last for years.

  • Player’s age

Consider the player’s age when buying hoops. In-ground basketball goals are flexible and can grow with your child. Finding the right one can be tricky unless you know what to look for.

The people who will be playing will have a significant role in your choices. Whether it’s for your kids, adjustable hoops grow with your kid. As for adults, there are available hoops that can withstand the impact of every bank shot or high-impact dunk.

  • Location

The area where you want to place your basketball backboard is essential. This will help you decide what type of hoops you need and for whom it will best use them. For instance, if you plan on creating a personal basketball court, the right size matters to help you effectively decide.

To enjoy playing basketball, you must have a court that has 10 feet minimum distance from your goal. However, a 15-feet length can help leverage your skills as it replicates the free-throw line. You’ll also have to consider a more expansive court of about 94 feet by 50 feet dimension made of concrete.

While the driveway is a widely known area to place hoops, you’ll need to check with the local laws or homeowners’ associations about rules and regulations on the site. It’s not allowed to place backboards near the driveway or a busy street. It’s both dangerous for players and passers-by.

If you plan to dig a hole for your in-ground hoops, you’ll have to check out electrical wires and mark gas.

  • Price

Next is the hoops price and if it meets your current budget. Diligence can help you land the best yet affordable and high-end hoops. In-ground backboards are the most excellent investments. You’ll have to check the performance, durability, quality, and customer insights.

Your budget will affect the size of the hoops. While several people opt to let experts install their backboards, prices vary with area. Frequently, expert rates can charge you up to $250. With an excellent budget, you can add more accessories or increase your hoops’ quality for lifetime benefits.

  • Height Adjustability

Backboards that offer height adjustments are premium features you may want to consider, especially if you have young players.

  • Installation

Considering the installation procedure will help you choose the perfect hoops to meet your court needs. With various hoop types comes a different installation phase. Follow the step by step guide to install in ground basketball hoop, it can take up to 4 days to finish the installation, from digging to putting concrete and letting it settle to ensure durability and quality.

If you are looking for a comfortable and more straightforward option, you can opt for wall-mounted and portable hoops. These types of hoops are more relaxed, and even homeowners can fix them on their own.

  • Backboards

The basketball hoops’ rule of thumb means bigger boards are better. Large backboards can increase your shooting ability and accuracy. You can take advantage of the size of the backboard to manipulate your shots.

One thing worth noting is when backboards are getting bigger means the price also increases. Consider the area where you will place your backboard. The materials used on your backboard affect its durability and performance.

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What Are The Different Types Of Backboards?

After checking these essential factors, you’ll need to decide the type of backboard you want. Basketball backboards come in three variations:


This durable glass hoop stimulates a pro-level court game. However, it cannot provide the perfect glass support. It utilizes a plastic backboard that’s lightweight, which affects playability and rebound.


This type of backboard similarly replicates NBA hoops. It provides the latest technology and innovation to improve your court performance. Typically, these backboards are made with high-quality tempered glass for optimum flexibility and rebound.


For limited space, mountable backboards are the best choice. You can place it in your barn, building a wall, or garage.

Final Words

Understanding what you need is vital when it comes to selecting your hoops. Since it’s a significant investment, you have to take one step closer to the elements that help you purchase excellent quality equipment.

With the aforementioned features and factors to consider, it will be easier for you to find the best hoops to improve your performance or anyone you want to see in the pro game.

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