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How To Add Coastal Touches To Your Interior Design

How To Add Coastal Touches To Your Interior Design
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No matter where you live, the trend toward coastal decorating is taking over. It’s one of the rare styles that you don’t have to commit to completely. You can combine beachy characteristics with several styles, from rustic to contemporary to mid-century modern. Here’s how to add coastal touches to your interior design.

Mix in Light Woods

If you’ve committed to dark, heavier wood pieces, there’s no need to be limited by them. Every room benefits from contrasting textures and tones, so you can try lighter stains, sun-bleached woods, and even driftwood. It will all work if you keep the room balanced and tie it together with a unifying color.

Use Woven Pieces

Coastal design isn’t the only big trend for 2021. Natural materials and tropical accents are in too, and you can put it all together with woven end tables. Look for pieces made of wicker and rattan or items that feature rope trim. Don’t be afraid to bring outdoor furniture into the living room if it adds some fresh spirit.

Add Blue Stripes

Some homeowners have hesitated to go coastal because they confuse it with nautical boats, seashells, and so on. Close—but coastal isn’t that literal. If nautical themes are too kitschy for you, you can still get that beachy feel in a more subtle way. Add a chair with blue and white pinstripes or similar fabric on a throw pillow. It will blend with any other blue in the room, giving it a more relaxed vibe without disrupting the theme.

Try Slipcovers

You’ve seen those white and cream slipcovers that tie on chairs in kitchens and on the occasional couch. They’re a quick and inexpensive way to give your seating a temporary makeover. Stick to cottons and linens, and make sure to measure so they don’t look too billowy. If you can sew, you can tailor your own creations or experiment with check or stripe patterns. A little bit of a loose fit is perfect. When you want to return to a more formal vibe, just store the slipcovers until next time.

If it feels like your next vacation is a long time off, surrounding yourself with beachy accents is good for the soul. With these tips on how to add coastal touches to your interior design, you’ll be reminded of those ocean breezes just when you need them most.

How To Add Coastal Touches To Your Interior Design
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