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Stand Up & Fight is the latest release from South African band, Future Radio This anthemic rock track champions individuality, encourages the pursuit of purpose in the here-and-now and challenges the idea of conformity.  The song starts off with a driving drum groove, which propels into a crescendo when joined by the guitars. Throughout the song there is a harmonious interplay between the guitars and drums. Stand Up & Fight is a song that contains elements of arena rock, featuring big guitars, dramatic production and an anthemic chorus hook. Lyrically, the song centres around the idea of standing up for oneself and self-empowerment.

Johnny Future, the frontman of Future Radio admits that this is his favourite track on their debut album, FREEDOM. “I wrote the bridge lyrics long before I wrote the actual song,” he explains. “I wrote it while I was still a full-time teacher, as a sort of credo for how I want to live my life. The rest of the lyrics evolved from that. Besides the lyrics, it is also a fun song to perform live.”

The music video, Episode 10 of Season 1, is a continuation of the main character’s story up until this point. Each track on Future Radio’s concept album, FREEDOM, is released as an episode created by visual artist and co-founder, Drikus Roets. “The last time we saw our protagonist, he ran out of his boss’ office, leaving only his name tag and tie behind,” explains Roets. “He is finally a free man, but at the same time unemployed. In this episode we find out what Johnny does with his newfound freedom.”


Future Radio released their debut album, FREEDOM, on Friday, 13 November. Neil Mach, from RAW RAMP described the album as “a brisk and invigorating piece of re-vitalizing rock”. Robin Mumford, of The Indie Plug at OUR SOUND, labelled the album “fresh” and “unique” and encouraged listeners to listen to the album “from start to finish to understand the brilliance in storytelling that Future Radio supply.” Lucy Bower, from GOD BLESS THE BANDS felt that the album has “something for every rock music lover…with innovative riffs, revolutionary lyrics and bold vocals”.

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