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Business Travel Life: 4 Excellent Tips To Plan a Smooth International Business Trip

Now that companies have very few limitations and that so many businesses are going global, employees, as well as executives, are spending more of their time traveling the globe. Whether you run a brand-new company, or you’re simply an employee with a fast-developing career that involves plenty of travel, not everyone is thrilled by the idea of traversing the globe for business purposes. 

In case you’re a digital nomad, you might find the process more enjoyable due to increased flexibility and independence for defining your schedule and responsibilities. As an employee or a business owner, however, you might find yourself overwhelmed with your to-do list.

Now, if you’re going abroad, and not just to the next town over for a couple of nights, it takes plenty of planning and preparation to make sure you have all of your bases covered. To keep the process simpler for you, and to take the hassle and stress out of the equation, we’ve compiled a few handy tips to help you prepare for your next international trip and make the most of it!

Build your itinerary in time

Since you’re traveling for business, you already know that you’ll spend the majority of your time working with the local clients, partners, or vendors, attending meetings, conferences, or educating a new round of employees for your local office. With that in mind, you should schedule all of these in time, so that you know how much time you can devote to sightseeing, resting, and proper self-care.

Don’t forget: just like you leave the office when you’re in your home country, you should be able to put the laptop away and finish work without actually spending all of your time solving problems and delegating tasks. Create boundaries so that you can spend quality time working out, eating well, resting, and of course, enjoying this entirely new place you’re visiting. Without such an itinerary, you risk depleting your energy and losing your focus and productivity in the process – none of which will bode well for your business or your health. 


Plan for accommodation

While you will spend so much of your time networking, in conferences, and negotiating, you also need to make sure that you have a comfortable base, a place of residence that satisfies all of your needs. For example, you can look for serviced studios for rent in order to find a place that is located in a safe and well-connected part of the city, and which has all the necessary amenities for you to work and live there temporarily. Many companies send their employees to such studios when they are in the process of relocation or if they simply need to have an extended stay while they look for a permanent residence.

Although the price is always relevant, keep in mind that other factors should be more vital for your decision-making process. You shouldn’t stay in a part of town that’s known for clubbing and a vivid nightlife, but more of a business hub so that you have access to a solid internet connection, plenty of cafes around, and eateries that will satisfy your basic needs. A nearby fitness center is also a nice touch to add to your list. 


Talk to other business travelers

If someone from your company has already been to your next destination country, then you should definitely pick up a few tips and tricks for that specific place. They can point you to the most affordable and the finest eateries, to a nearby dry-cleaning place you can trust not to ruin your finest suits, and a car rental agency you can rely on during your stay.

You can also ask them about any specific tips for expected business conduct and local cultural preferences in terms of how you should communicate with other professionals you’ll collaborate with. Chances are, it will help you prevent a few awkward moments or misunderstandings!


Master the art of packing light and simple

Sure, you do need your laptop, your phone, and perhaps your e-reader, but you don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe and your entire collection of skincare products. In fact, this is a perfect chance for you to think like a minimalist and find ways to simplify your life and remove any clutter. Why? Because such a mindset is pivotal in making your travel more streamlined and prevents you from lugging too much baggage around. 

When it comes to wearables, look into your destination’s weather and climate, cultural expectations, and social norms. Perhaps light layers will suffice for Hong Kong, but if you’re going to Scandinavia in the dead of winter, you should know that t-shirts and cardigans won’t cut it. 

Life can indeed get complicated when you need to relocate or spend a few days abroad, in a different country, culture, and surrounded by complete strangers. That is why preparing for such a trip can make all the difference, so use these tips wisely, and make sure that you have everything you need to be comfortable and happy on your next international adventure.

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Mike Johnston is an avid lifestyle writer and blogger from Sydney. He's a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and Divine Magazine. His articles can also be found on numerous small business, real estate and green living websites and blogs. Mike's goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.

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