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Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston is an experienced blogger and editor with a background in creative writing and digital media. He’s a regular contributor to the Smooth Decorator blog and numerous other sites online publications. Mike's core focus areas are lifestyle and home improvement, but he also often writes about business, careers, travel, and work-life balance.
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How EMS-Enhanced Workouts Can Help You Reach Your Strength Training Goals

In order to see any fitness results that come from exercise, you

Mike Johnston Mike Johnston

5 Dream Destinations For Living And Working in the Mediterranean

Many people are fantasizing about moving to a new location. It's a

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8 Essential Tips for Stress-Free Traveling With A Medical Condition or Disability

Traveling is never an easy task. It requires a lot of planning

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7 Quick Changes That Will Make Your Bedroom the Healthiest Room in Your House

The bedroom is the most important room in one’s house. It’s the

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5 Tips Make your Dining Room More Inviting and Clutter-Free

The focal point of your house is most likely your dining room.

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Top 6 Fantastic Things to Do and Experience on Australia’s East Coast

From beautiful cities to rich and fascinating wildlife, the East Coast truly

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7 Amazing Adventure Travel Ideas to Keep You Fit and Refreshed

If you’d like to experience these beautiful feelings on your next vacation,

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Smart and Forward-Thinking Ways to Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

Financial safety is crucial in this day and age, especially considering that

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Café Design 101: Five Beautiful Interior Design Tips to Create the Perfect Ambience

Cafés have been considered social hub spots for centuries, the places people

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6 Ways to Maximise Privacy Through Smart Backyard Design

Your garden is generally thought to be your own private piece of

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6 Essential Tips & Strategies for Bringing Sustainability into Building Design

Sustainable building practices aim to reduce the negative environmental impact often caused

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7 Easy and Creative Ways to Rejuvenate Your Home Without Renovating

As much as we love our homes, we all think about revamping

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Retire in Style: 5 Great Tips for Planning a Safe and Stress-Free Retirement

While most people tend to look forward to reaching a more mature

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5 Handy Tips to Live, Work, and Thrive in Australia as a Digital Nomad

The Land Down Under has become a true hub for digital nomads

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5 Finest Renovations and Improvements to Safely Increase Rent and Attract the Best Tenants

Some of the primary goals of every landlord and property investor are

Mike Johnston Mike Johnston

5 Life Saving Tips for a Last Minute Move

Moving house is a cumbersome and delicate task, one that shouldn’t be

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