Big Jim Davis Impact At U.S. Radio With Duet Featuring Donna King

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Big Jim Davis started writing songs at the tender age of 15, and decades later he believes hes delivering his best work yet.

Throughout his life, Big Jim Davis has pulled inspiration from a wide variety of heavy hitters. Asking him to narrow down his influences is as he puts it not possible. Today hes taken all hes learned from the greats both past and present, as well as his own life experiences and created a healthy amount of music that comes in hues of Blues, Country, and Rock. All the while, personal homages to his life and the universal feelings of love, loss and then some flow through his music. A multi-instrumentalist who takes on the guitar, bass, banjo, keyboard, piano and harmonica, Big Jim Davis has proven time and time again to be a master of his craft. He spends much of his time in his studio crafting music, but occasionally performs with bands in the Los Angeles area and his home state of Tennessee.

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