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I originate from the UK and fell in love with the USA when I was a kid and have never gotten over it. I never thought of myself as a singer just a humble songwriter.

When I looked across the Pond and saw the amazing talent in this part of the world, I just had to come here and try and be a part of it, however small. There is nowhere in the World like Nashville and Country artists are very unique. That includes the singers, writers, producers and musicians etc. all the people that go to make this place so special. All I really wanted was to be a writer but my stage name John Jurney is a kind of alter-ego that allows me to adopt the role of singer. I know that to be a true country singer or writer, you have to be born here. But if I can reach a few people with my “odd” tunes”, that would be so rewarding. Whatever happens, I feel so blessed just to be here.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: John Jurney
Song Title: Love Don’t Like You
Publishing: Most Likely Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Love Don’t Like You
Record Label: Most Likely Music

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