A fantastic 4-star Tuscan dinner

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Whether you live in Italy or are just visiting, you owe it to yourself to sample a truly fantastic 4-star Tuscan dinner in Florence, Italy. The meal is understandably sublime, but it’s the ambiance and service that combine with the flavors to make it an unforgettable experience. It’s time to discover more.

Know Your Food.

Before you choose the spot for a dinner in Florence, Italy, you should know what foods you have to sample while in Tuscany. The following choices are certain to get your mouth watering:


A simple mix of bruschetta and olive oil, the perfect way to start a meal.


Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions; all sun-dried and mixed with olive oil, vinegar, and bread leftovers.

Potato Tortelli.

Pasta filled with potato tortelli and served with ragout.


This is vegetable soup with a poached egg and a few secret ingredients that make it taste fantastic.


Using up stale bread turns it into a bean and kale with toasted bread. Cook the soup a second time with olive oil and you get ribollita, it literally means boiled twice.


This is chestnut cake, made with chestnut flour and water, sultanas, pine nuts, and olive oil.

Image by Charlie Lim from Pixabay

 The Italian Love Of Food

It’s essential to note that this is more than just a 4-star dining experience that could be had virtually anywhere in the world.

The Italians have long had a love affair with food, they are as famous for their pizza and pasta as they are for their frantic hand gestures and passion for everyday life.

Food is more than just something they eat, it’s an expression of life. The people of Florence have a simple relationship with food. The heart of all cooking is four basic ingredients, bread, beef, olive oil, and wine. Of course, you’ll get specialty dishes from across Italy in any Florentine restaurant. But, it’s worth sampling the Tuscan dishes that focus on mellow cheeses, grilled meats, and beans.

The magic occurs when the Florentines take these simple ingredients and turn them into a 5-star dining experience. You’ll want to try the sliced meats, fresh vegetables with olive oil, and chicken liver crostini. Just remember to choose a local wine to wash it down with, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Image by František Mikeštík from Pixabay

Choosing The Right Establishment.

You’ll find there are plenty of fantastic establishments offering dinner in Florence, Italy. But, you should be looking for a 4-star experience, which means you need to combine first-class food with the best service.

In short, you’re going to want to check out the Santa Elisabetta which sits in the original Byzantine tower of the 4-star Brunelleschi hotel. The dining experience here is nothing less than extraordinary. You’ll find an abundant selection of traditional dishes and the kind of service that leaves you feeling like royalty.

If you prefer a modern twist on the old classics then the hotel has a secondary restaurant, the Osteria Pagliazza. This is on the ground floor but has a stunning outside area.

Whether you’re looking for fine dining, a ceremonial dinner, a business meeting, or a little romance, you’ll find the 5-star experience is complete at this hotel and restaurant.

Final thoughts

There are nearly 400 Michelin starred restaurants in Italy. All of them offer fine food and an experience to be remembered. But, the Santa Elisabetta offers more than just Michelin star quality food. It offers the complete experience, making it the place to visit for a 5-star dining experience in Italy.

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