7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Kitten

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The idea of a tiny, fluffy kitten appeals to many, but do you have what it takes to give it the life it deserves? While cats do not need walking or as much attention as dogs, they still require a lot of care. Before you jump to bringing a kitten home, here are seven questions you should ask yourself:

Do You Have the Time?

First of all, you need to figure out whether you have the time it takes to raise a kitten and nurture a cat throughout its life. While you can leave cats alone more when they’re adults, as kittens, they require a lot of care and attention, so make sure you have that to give each day. There are many myths surrounding cats about how they always sleep through the day, and this simply isn’t true – click here to learn more about the myth that all cats are nocturnal.

Do You Have Allergies?

Bringing a kitten home is a huge responsibility – one that you should see through until the very end. If you have allergies, then take these into account before bringing back a furry animal, as you might discover you cannot look after it.

Fortunately, there are hypoallergenic cat types out there, such as the Sphynx cat, the Russian Blue, and the Bengal cat, so you can enjoy a kitten without worrying about sneezes and rashes.

Can You Adopt it?

Choosing to adopt is a much kinder option, so consider this before going to a breeder. This route may be more difficult if you’re looking for a certain breed, for example, if you need a hypoallergenic cat, but otherwise, adoption is the way to go.

Do You Have the Funds?

The cost of a kitten isn’t just the upfront payment – there are vet fees, toys, and food that will cost you money. Make sure you are financially stable enough to pay for all of its needs for its whole life.

Is Your Home Suitable?

If you rent a home, you must first check with your landlord whether or not they would be OK with a cat. Even if you own a home, you should also make sure it’s suitable for a cat to live in the long term.

Make sure there is plenty of space, and there are no hazards that could pose a danger to your new furry friend before taking one home. Plus, take other pets into consideration – if you have a dog, ensure it’s friendly around cats.

Are You Willing to Train?

A kitten takes training, so be aware of that before committing. While a cat will never sit, roll over, or fetch as a dog would, they still need to learn to pee in the litter box and scratch the scratching post rather than the carpet.

Is Your Whole Family on Board?

If you live with others, you must get all their approval before bringing a new family member home. A cat won’t be happy if there’s someone in the house who doesn’t want them there! Before deciding on your cute new friend, make sure it will enter a home that loves and adores it.

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