5 Excellent Tips to Help You Start a Fashion Lifestyle Blog as a Side Hustle or Hobby

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If you possess a superb sense of fashion and style, your peers regularly see you as the best dressed, you have an intriguing life and activities, and have some spare time, you could easily earn some side money by starting a fashion and lifestyle blog. In that way, you can share your knowledge, concepts, and abilities with others who are interested in all your creative ideas. Plus, you could make some extra money by doing that. 

Of course, the first thing you need to do is discover how to create a lifestyle blog. If you only want a side job, setting up a blog is simple. But you must be careful about how you set it up if you’re considering ways to earn money as a blogger.

A lifestyle blog focuses on a wide range of topics, is highly visual, and is organized mostly around bloggers and a specific theme. Your thing can be anything relevant to your interests, experience, and worldview. Perhaps the most adaptable type of blog out there is the fashion blog. You may cover a variety of topics that interest you and a wide audience, and you can establish the tone for them. 

However, once you launch your website, there are some crucial considerations to bear in mind if you want to be successful.

Find your THING 

First, you have to think about the topics your lifestyle blog will be covering before you can consider the technical parts of how to launch it. It is primarily about your daily activities and life. Use your list of hobbies and interests to come up with three to four blog niches that you can write about. Your THING will become clear when you start to notice a pattern.

The fashion business is complex with numerous levels. Choose a genre with a specific objective to be more focused and to engage with your target audience. Also, ask yourself what goods or services would be of interest to your audience. 

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Choose the domain name for your blog

Once you’ve come up with your niche, it’s now time to set up your address, aka come up with a suitable domain name. Your identity and blog name should be both contained in a domain name to clearly identify your specialty.

It should be simple to remember. Make use of everyday language. Avoid symbols and numerals because they can be difficult for your readers to recall. Additionally, employ original words that are funny, smart, or stick out from the crowd, not too long. 

Avoid using a word that has nothing to do with fashion simply because you like it. The ideal situation is for your audience to be able to infer your specialty from the name of your personal website

Look for a web domain that matches both your blog’s theme and your own identity. The substance of your personality and vision should continue to be able to be conveyed in your blog’s name. As soon as you get the ideal name, it’ll become your signature. You will be more easily recognized by others, which opens up additional professional prospects.

Choose your platform and a hosting plan

The platform and hosting alternatives you choose should be thoroughly thought out once you’ve learned how to establish a lifestyle blog. For example, with WordPress, you may choose between .com and .org approaches. Although there are some minor distinctions between the two, .org is often cheaper and self-hosted. WordPress which is self-hosted also happens to be the greatest choice for complete flexibility.

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Discover a method for your blog to earn money

Many fashion and lifestyle blogs begin as a means of exchanging ideas and perspectives. They can, however, also be profitable. There are numerous methods to use your blog to launch a successful business, even if you run it from home. Concentrate on expanding the audience as you consistently provide fresh content if you want to increase your traffic and earn money from blogging

For instance, you might take into account advertisements from businesses that provide services and products that you appreciate. To create affiliate links and sales on your website, you could write product reviews. You can also make money by offering your own creations for sale on your site. 

Create your blog, social media, and marketing

You’ll need to create blog articles, add images, and link to your social network accounts. Make those pages on social media just for your blog. Then, invite every member of your family and friends to them. This will encourage people to read it. As your blog grows and you want to increase traffic to it, you might want to think about paying for marketing.

You may also add social sharing buttons. Similarly to that, you can include Instagram in your blog. Instagram is the perfect fashion marketing tool for the fashion industry as it focuses on aesthetics.  

In conclusion

Whether you’re starting out or have done this a million times before, the success of your blog ultimately depends on your readership. Once you identify a lifestyle that you are enthusiastic about, you can start telling everyone about it. You may establish a blog with an engaged audience that will sustain your “small business” for a very long time. 

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