Why You Should Install Your Fireplace in the Summer

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 4 Min Read

Installing a home fireplace in the summer months might seem like a crazy idea to some, but rest assured that summer is the best time of year for such a project. Keep reading to learn why you should install your fireplace during the summer and the many benefits that come with this decision.

Perfect Timing for Cooler Weather

The summer months are the perfect time to install the home fireplace you’ve been dreaming of. While many homeowners think it might be too early, jumping on your fireplace installation means it will be completed just in time for chilly weather. There’s nothing cozier than curling up next to the fireplace on a cold fall day, and by planning ahead, you’ll have your fireplace installed with time to spare. This also gives you time to decorate and renovate your fireplace to your heart’s content before using it. For example, many homeowners choose to install a fireplace mantel for extra space.

Use at the End of the Season

Winter isn’t the only time of year you’ll wish you had a fireplace at home. Many families are familiar with the comfort of sitting around a campfire on a cool summer’s night. You don’t have to limit this activity to an outdoor fire. Open your home’s windows on a cool night and start a fire in your new indoor fireplace. You’ll get all the warmth and ambiance of an outdoor firepit in the comfort of your own home—and without all the smoke blowing in your face. Additionally, inspecting and using your fireplace throughout the year is one of the best ways to keep it in good condition and prepare for winter use.

Save on Heating Costs

Once your fireplace is installed and ready for the fall and winter seasons, you can unlock the ability to save on your energy bills. Once the temperature starts to drop outdoors, consider warming your home with your indoor fireplace rather than switching your HVAC unit over to heating. This can help you greatly cut the cost of your energy bills, especially early in the season when the cold weather is still mild. A wood-burning or gas fireplace will create a warm and cozy atmosphere that you can’t achieve with just a heater or furnace.

Get Ahead of the Demand

Finally, the cold months remind a lot of homeowners of the need for a fireplace. Scheduling an installation in the summer months will help you avoid the high demand for fireplace installations starting in autumn. This can also help you save additional costs on materials and rates, as these prices could start to increase during the colder months when demand is higher.

These benefits go to show why you should install your fireplace in the summer rather than later in the year. If you already know your home is ready for a fireplace for this upcoming fall and winter, don’t wait—schedule your installation now.

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