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XOHA Releases Summer Anthem Heartless

Divine Magazine
Divine Magazine
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XOHA’s latest track “Heartless” shines a spotlight on the Los Angeles-based teen’s sleek voice with beautiful harmonies and an uplifting pop beat.

The track is inspiring and relatable to those who have gone through a toxic relationship and are looking forward to a fresh start. XOHA is a feminist, an ally of LGBTQ+ people, social justice, and human rights activist, and hopes to use her platform as a musician to affect change. “Heartless” is a summer bop that you’ll definitely want to include on your playlists. 

“Heartless’ is the summer revenge anthem for the ladies who are done with being used, lied to, and manipulated. The people who deserve better, and are done apologizing for others’ mistakes. Go out, have fun, live hot, and stream ‘Heartless.” – XOHA

This single shows a vulnerable theme of confidence, moving on, and leaving behind a regretful past, a relatable motive to listeners. XOHA expresses her self-confidence growth through moving forward after being with someone who wasn’t good for her. The track’s title fits well with her moving lyrics as it conveys that she is left “Heartless,” after being with a toxic person, but since growing stronger and not looking back. “Heartless” effortlessly highlights female empowerment and moving forward with life after being with someone who tried to tear you down, making it a must-add to your anthem playlists. 

Whether you are moving on from a toxic relationship, or just need an uplifting pick-me-up summer jam, be sure to follow her Instagram @XOHAmusic.

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