Why writing down your thoughts is beneficial?

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To quote Gautam Buddha, “The mind is everything. What you think you become”, every word in the above said holds true because our thoughts rule us. If a person is happy, it is because of the thoughts that run in his mind, and if he is sad, the reason is the same. So, we need to understand that thinking is a process that has a direct effect on our lives. Also, we would have come across a lot of people that are successful and also tried to understand the reasons behind their success.

We would have also even wondered about the thoughts that run in the minds of some scholarly people as well. Well, the crux of human life is based on the thoughts. At times, some thoughts don’t leave you so easily, they keep coming back to you, and you need to attend to them immediately. But what is the process of attending to them? Well, you can write them down somewhere so that you remember what you thought because it is highly impossible to store everything in your mind.

You forget a lot of things, and there could be so many such things that would have already slipped off your minds as well. When you try recollecting, they may fail to come back to you. Hence, writing them down and referring back to them is a good practice indeed. Also, there arises a question as to why we need to write all those thoughts down. To make this entire concept simple, we have come up with a few pointers that could help you in understanding why writing down your thoughts is beneficial. Reading through this article might help you to get rid of a few doubts, and also, it might help you to start practicing to jot down every simple thing that occurs in your mind according to the best anonymous blog platform.

  1. It helps you keep track of your thoughts.

It helps you keep track of your thoughts

Well, it is humanely impossible to remember everything that happens in our minds all the time. We know that our brains rest but, the thoughts don’t. While we are asleep, we may end up losing out on a number of thoughts, and when we write them all down in one place, it becomes easy for us to track them down and work towards them along with this anonymous blog.

  1. Helps in remembering things

As already mentioned, we aren’t technology-based. We remember the things and people that are most important to us. But, at times, some of the things that are trivial might also start becoming important. But, we would have completely forgotten about them. In order to remind ourselves about those things, it is important to write the thoughts down.

  1. The ideas may be useful.

The ideas may be useful

In this totally anonymous blogs, books, and movies have become super-hits just because of one simple thought, which would have turned out into a beautiful idea. Hence, we must remember to acknowledge every single thought that runs inside our brain so that we do not lose out on even the smallest of ideas that can certainly be useful someday.

  1. You would be able to work on those ideas.

Also, when you start reading the thoughts that you have written, you would be struck with an idea out of nowhere. Thus, converting your thoughts into ideas would become simple when you write all those things that are happening in your minds in one place.

  1. Connecting dots

Connecting dots

Most of the time, the thoughts are random. They occur, stay for a very short period of time, and immediately leave our minds. But, some of the thoughts keep coming back to us and haunt us unless and until we take action. Initially, all these thoughts would simply mean nothing but, when you start listing them down, connecting the dots become extremely simple and easy.

  1. Creates free space in your mind

There has to be some amount of free space in your mind to remain relaxed. As already mentioned, not all thoughts would be of use. But, most of them are, however, cluttering your minds with unwanted things that can lead to several problems. Thus, writing all those that come to your mind can help you to perform tasks that are productive. Your brain creates free space and makes a way to think about things that are worthwhile instead of spending time on things that you do not benefit from.

Well, these are some of the major benefits of writing your thoughts down. If you have always dreamt of being successful in your life then, this is one of the must-do things. When you write your thoughts down, you would be thinking about it all the time and the time taken to act on them would be drastically reduced because they come back to you and haunt you.

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