Indie-folk duo Lydia&Sebastien Releases New Album Traveling Shoes

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The Canadian duo just released their new album ‘Traveling Shoes’. Since its release, the guys have been getting crazy attention over on Spotify, with playlist placement on New Music Friday Canada, 9 á 5, It’s a Bop and many more. Along with this, they have also received airplay on Amazing Radio, idobi Radio and SohoRadio London.

Their journey began back in 2015 and since their debut the duo have been creating a lot of noise. After releasing their first single “Quand T’es Pas Là”, the song hit #1 on the commercial radio charts in Quebec and caught the eye of Ultra Records, leading to the track being remixed by many famous DJ’s and feature on multiple popular playlists which accumulated over 3 million streams.

The duo had a great success at home, and slowly began to win a fan base all over Europe and North America. Their debut album ‘The Eponymous’ saw more international success. Three tracks reached #1 on the commercial radios in Canada and France. Consumed by wanderlust, the diverse duo found themselves performing at prestigious events across the world such as Bora Bora, Cannes film festivals, Royal Mansour Morocco and Yacht show Monaco.

Speaking more on the release, Lydia&Sebastien explained: “And nothing we can do, we’ve got traveling shoes” Since we met in 2014, we’ve been working all over the world and it really feels like we have Traveling Shoes.. Most of our lyrics talks about going away (Gone With the Wind) That’s why we decided to name the Ep Traveling Shoes.”

The album blends intimate folk with dreamy indie-pop and a hint of world beat influences, revealing smooth, and timeless aesthetics.

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Indie-folk duo Lydia&Sebastien Releases New Album Traveling Shoes

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